Implied Space: Doctor Strange – Friday 13th

Implied Space - Doctor Strange

phenomena are empty

space is vacant

twelve cents will buy you a comic-book









Note: Steve Ditko was the master of implied space.

           Marvel Studios in the hunt for actor to play Doctor Strange.



3 thoughts on “Implied Space: Doctor Strange – Friday 13th

    1. Visually they have nailed it. Mind you, I’m familiar with Strange without the goatee, a more contemporary look that was intended to differentiate him from Tony Stark (Downey) .

      Benedict Cumberbatch’s American voice reminds me of Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House voice ( how British hear abrasive American accents ?) . Not my inner Dr. Strange’s voice – as a Canadian, I imagined a more snooty/cultured upper crust American accent . 😀

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