Implied Spaces: Skinning the Wolf 1

Bookshelf ScreenWall
Implied Spaces – Bookshelf

You remember the story,

but do you ?

It happened a long time ago –

Hearing the story.

You know the story,

Do you ?

It happened –

A very long time ago.



It happened, once upon a time –

Someone told you the story.

Perhaps from Memory,

But what did they Remember ?

A Story,



Telling them a Story ? 

Was it with pictures ?

The Story –

You know,

A picture-book.

Did they move ?

The Pages


The Pictures.

– In Your Mind –

You remember –

A Red Cloak & Hood.

A Little Girl in the Dark Woods.

And there was a Wicked Wolf.

Do you remember now ?

Did you remember then ?

Bookshelf Folklore Tales MT
Tales on The shelf


Look back,

There on on the bookshelf –

The Bookshelf of Memory –

She is waiting,

For you to take down the Book.




Red Riding Hood on The Bookshelf MTt
Red Riding Hood on The Bookshelf


You remember the story,

but do you ?

It happened a long time ago –

A very long time ago.


You know the story,

Then ?

Let me remind you.


I loved the cloak –

Oh, so red.

I hung it on a hook,

On the wall,

near my bed.


A beautiful riding cloak,

Billowing, stitched edge.

That shadow filled hood –

So beautiful & red,

When by my White Pony

I most calmly stood,

Before I entered

The dark and terrible wood.              

Grandmother stitched

Secret words into the hood,

Oh, so read

By birds & shadows,

And by me –

Before I went to bed.         



Tales of the Brother Grimm 1

Many shades of red

Could be seen in the cloak & hood.

Many shades swirled about,

As from place to place,

I daily sped.


Some chuckled calling me

A little precious scarlet girl.

Others insisted that burgundy

Deep was plain to see.

Oh, so like the red wine sea,

The cloak waved & wisp’d.

Many, like sailors, offered me

A kiss.


That day, White Star,

My pony brave,

Proved lame.

A shoe unlucky,

He had thrown.

Hobbled he over

Grass and stone.


I would walk about

That day with a basket full,

For Grandmother.

You know the story

Then ? 



The basket was full and heavy,

Ready to give birth,

Bursting with delights –

Cake and wine.


Runes cast in sweet cake –

Oven luck-coins filled

With red raspberry’s song .

Baking Fate,

A joy-gift – wynn gyfu.

Ash-tree embraces yew.

Yew delights the oak.

Blessed by dæg .

Kissed by night.

Wild berry wine.

A bottle of starlight glass,

As white as bone.

As cold as stone.

Blessed by The Three,

Mother, Aunt and me.

A sweet bubbling spring,

The Dance-mender’s voice.

The gift of a Choice.

Laden with health-givers

I stepped into the woods.

Walking the twist-stepper,

My cloak and hood

Skipped and danced with me –

In sunlight they laughed,

In shadow they smiled.

You know what happened then.

Remember ?

Cloaked in leaves and branches,

Came the flower-giver.

The Wolf tread between

Shadow and sunlight.

Smiling, he bowed,

Joining the dance.

After much time

Midst perfume and petals,

I came to the cottage.

Hollow welcome awaited.





Red Riding Hood 1 MT
Red Riding Hood – An Old Tale Remembered



As you know,

Three oaks and a troupe of hazels

Encircle Grandmother’s dwelling.

The Hazels, sisters of the wood –

Stepsingers –

Dance by the moonlight

With Star-shadows.

Remember ?



Many know the oaks’ names,

Few know where to find them.

Huginn and Muninn

Stand to either side.

Centre stands

Myrthlin’s Room,

The Glass-tann,

Tho some call it

The Hanged Man’s Morning. 

That day none called out.

They smelt the Wolf

Midst my flowers.  

You know the Rest,

Do you ?

The bed, the gown, the cap –

Shadow grove eyes,

Flower-giver’s Song –

Then teeth and maw,

The Descent


Maze-madness ?

Finally the Riddle-dance.           

wolf spirit
wolf spirit

When is skin a cloak ?

When is death a birth ?

When is a knife a key ?         

How do you swallow

a Stone

With your Mouth closed ?

How do you

Remember the Story

Now ?

Well enough, I suppose.                 


It happened –

A very long time ago.

We three communed –

Grandmother, The Huntsman, and me –

With Rune Cake and Rights Wine.

When the second wolf

Came calling at the door,

All was prepared.

It happened, once upon a time –


Remember ?





Who Run with The Wolves fr


Notes on Process: You remember the story, but do you ? Between the lines of the story, how it is told, how it is remembered and retold is found inimplied space. Using the works of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PHD. as inspiration, I started to build  images.  Choosing and organizing the visual compositions, I then created a structural pathway for the stanzas.  The narrative voices took on a power of their own. I initially thought it would all be contained in one post. The final segment will require its own post. The “wolf spirit”  composition was originally used  in a post on my main blog, Dark Pines Photo. Click the image to see the original post.


11 thoughts on “Implied Spaces: Skinning the Wolf 1

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks – glad you enjoyed.

      Trying to bring together the second part of this piece – looking at the wolf’s role and specifically the second wolf. The images and text keep hop-scotching back and forth with creative ideas. 😉

  1. ~meredith

    This is a wonderful work of art. I really enjoyed reading your notes at the end, then going back to the poem. I love your story between the lines; it’s truly inviting.

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much. I was aiming for that effect. I took a freebie sketch outline from a children’s activity page combined then it with a photo of my daughter when she was younger: I used a old paper texture that I created. 🙂

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