Fragrance of a Constructed reality




Lilac Pink 3


An aroma compound, also known as a constructed reality, odorant, aroma, fragrance, or flavour, is a chemical compound that has a smell that  peels back the memory like the sun on old paint waiting for the day to begin again while the last dream breaks up in the grey dawn of another morning. It is a chimera – born when a chemical compound  is kissed by moonlight in the middle of a warm autumn day – taking flight over the garage roof in that second before you hear the sound of a voice from your childhood, like gentle rain late on a lazy summer afternoon. It has a smell or odour when it is sufficiently volatile with emotions that have no name, but everyone recognizes even though the only language that can describe them are the colour of bird wings in flight. To be transported to the olfactory system in the upper part of the nose like a cat jumping over the neighbour’s fence after a squirrel, that it will never catch, not in-a-month-of-Sundays,  even with Georges Méliès’s magic camera  – is to see the lilac bush that grew in your grandmother’s garden that day Old Man Fletcher climbed into the apple tree to retrieve Mandy’s kite because he remembered having one when he was just a boy and listened to Buck Rogers and The Shadow on the radio back then before there was internet or satellite television . All of it is a constructed reality like a toy in every box of cereal- now the toys come with happy meals at internet cafes where old people go to buy coffee and read the newspaper for free because they don’t have internet or Facebook – and the box  is an implied space like the picture of lilacs that look more than real and leave you smelling  a fragrance, aroma, odorant that reminds you of the sound of your mother singing a song and your dad gently humming along, because he never could sing, but loved to dance with your mother, even in the kitchen to music on the radio that didn’t come over the internet or cable and you can almost taste the flavour of your mother’s famous canned goods that were not from a grocery store or specialty shop.

Lilac Pink 2






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