Jar of Dreams

Jar of Dreams1 fr



Glass Half Full-Half Empty fr



Jar of Dreams 2 fr


Off to the Sleep lab for further evaluation.

… To sleep, perchance to dream

– Ay there’s the rub. “

To Be or Not

Hamlet ( Act III, sc. I, ll 65-68 )


‘Did someone call me schnorrer?’

An individuated person can see that the `personality’ is just one of many possibilities, a mask even, that can be put on or put aside appropriate to the conditions which social necessity imposes on us.   – An Implied Space.


Sandman (Wesley Dodds), is a fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The first of several DC characters to bear the name, he was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Bert Christman.

Night Masque 1
Night Masque 1

Attired in a green business suit, fedora, and gas mask, the Sandman used a gun emitting a sleeping gas to sedate criminals. He was originally one of the mystery men to appear in comic books and other types of adventure fiction in the 1930s but later developed into a proper superhero, acquiring sidekick Sandy, and founding the Justice Society of America.



Night Masque 2 fr


Every night  I don my mask, just like my old hero The Sandman, and confront death.   When I was much younger, I knew nothing of Sleep Apnea . Strange how dreams can become realities – careful what you wish for, you may find it in your dreams and you better be prepared.



2 thoughts on “Jar of Dreams

    1. elmediat

      They send in all the computer recorded info of my night of wired sleep to the specialist. On Monday I saw the Medi-gas tech person, who downloaded the info from the chip on my home device. The info is also sent to the specialists. They then take the combined information to figure out what the optimum settings are for my device. This will take a month before this process is completed.

      The device compresses air that has moisture from distilled water. It is intended to keep the air passage open. No more snores, plus sleep will be normal. In my particular case, it is taking awhile to adjust the body. Very slow increments, and some days are worse, rather than better.

      The plus side so far, blood sugar levels are even better. i can pretend to be a superhero. Alex wants to get me an outfit so I can cos-play. Down side – slow progress and I had to shave off the beard -30 plus years of some type of facial hair , now just a memory in the photo-album. Sigh.

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