Implied Spaces: Either End

Either End 1CT


Then with a wave of a wand, the stone and trees are transformed – what once was, is now a piece of local history – remember when John and Velma climbed the Rock – those Fall colours, when you came round that bend and you knew it would always be there, like parents and school teachers, and the funny street lamp by the drugstore – and how Old Man Jerikose, with his three legged dog , who would still chase squirrels – the dog not Mr. Jerikose – would be coming down the path.

Yah, you know what I mean, right ?

Either End  2CT


Either End  3CT


Either End  4CT




Either End 5OA


Then, like Stone and Wood,


Into a wave of sugarcane –

What was once a part of the local history

Now goes

Round the Bend of Discoloration,

Fading –

Into the future, you turn.

Then you remember,

When I climbed up on those rocks

With Velma and John,

Who will be forever Twelve –

Where you knew

You would still chase the squirrels,

In the Woods

 – Always –

As Mr. Jerikose,

Jerikose the Old Man,

Watches smiling,

Just a little,

At it all,

Like sunlight & shadows

Rustling in the branches.

Not a dog with three legs

Just a dog running –

Forever –

down the path.

Yah, you know what I mean .

Either End 6OA


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