Natural Green Abstraction

Natural Green Abstraction



You are considering the Importance of Locale. So what does this mean ?

In other words, what is The Green?



Natural Green Abstraction2

Scotland was the invention, they say in learned halls –

A  kaleidoscope culture of hopes and loss.

Ask David Brewster .

He invented the Kaleidoscope, saw great beauty, but little money.


Morning light, love – a dragonfly and a colour pattern of the wings.

Women sweep away Pale Tears in The Green;

Sing of the Wind’s Power


Rend a Heart

Into a Kaleidoscope

shattered dreams and memories


Shaped out of the Green Leaves of Summer’s fresh kisses.

Natural Green Abstraction 3

New and unbroken, as true as a tree is beautiful, is Love



The Many Aspects


The Study of Polarization.



Crucial Characteristics,


Leaves, Light, Laughter, and Life


The Science of Organic Fragmentation,

a Natural Green Abstraction

of the Heart and Soul.

Natural Green Abstraction 3TR 


The Miller has spent part of the dream in The Green Abstraction, only to return in the shadow of the kiss – to see the long term journey, that now has begun, at the end of the direction he sought many days ago, …….

When Spring was still young, brushing off Winter’s chill caress.

True Love is the Inspector of Summer, all dressed in beautiful green.

It has been called back from Sleepy Shaded Inns on the Greek isles in a new search for Truth.

Look in the Echo of the trees and the grass for there are beautiful green memories hidden in places unseen,……….


Natural Green Abstraction 4

– eodos: that which is seen: form, shape (Greek)

but this you already know.

Destination is to be estimated

by the shape of

the sandstone flowers & the coral sea.


Natural Green Abstraction 5

There, in search of Romantic Comedy, the foolish think they have discovered Greek Tragedy without going to Greece.

Plant protection?
Too Early.


It was the fruits of victory,

A Natural Green Abstraction,

Nothing but Emotional Tourism of the Young.

The agriculture of the Soul,

Bringing forth metaphors and similes

In the garden and on the lawn.

The oak will grow tall in time.

It faces the Power of the Wind,

Leaves and branches twisting

In a kaleidoscope of green abstraction.


Natural Green Abstraction 6

See the following uncessant
Green kaleidoscope of memories.
Please select a shrub and grass –
However, in a narrow band in the background,
Declare intelligent assistants in the summer,
Those flowers and trees

All found in this region of the heart.

The Miller calls out,

I want to hide the rest of the crown.

Young leaves stuffed with emerging truth,

Who will be your Guardian on an unknown path ?

Wondering how people waste
Their Oak Victory ?
Uncessant work.



Natural Green Abstraction KALD1


Topped off the tree


Just some herbs,
In the neighbourhood

Of the shadow narrow and low.

They worked carefully not to cast blame,
Housing the Green Papers,

Edged with Sweet Promises,
In the shadow of the memory of your love.



They toiled in the acres of green grass without reward, like the Kaleidoscope, invented in Scotland in 1816. Sweeping away Pale Tears, uncessant work, singing sad aires, and exercising the emotions, such uncessant work.


Rain Falls,

Rending a Heart

Made Brittle with Tears.


The Miller declared, ……… I now have the strength of the body, to see the Night, like an old house full of dreams and memories dancing in pale light. Tomorrow, I will awaken to The Green and another kiss.

My temptation is quiet.
But the flowers and all trees,

that have already been planted in my mind,

Joyfully knit a peace torch.

The Memory Garland.

Natural Green Abstraction KALD3


In addition, see that narrow band of gold?

Oh let alone the crown!

It is during the Summer,
When Flowers and Trees


Found in The Heart –

Naive eyes are foundlings of the heart;
The tender leaves are filled with new measures of youth.
The Keeper of Old Things shines the fractured light on unknown ways of seeing.


Who has not been tested?
Many wonder how people waste
Tears of sadness that gather in reflected memories.

Staring at their palms, do they see ash, maple or oak victory?

How they work to see a pattern in natural green abstraction,
That Uncessant drumming of the heart.

The hopeful beats of green youth rise to the treetops,
Covered in flowers and herbs.
In the vicinity of the shadow,
It is narrow and low.
They worked carefully not to blame
Young hearts yearning for green isles

Scattered on the Grecian sea –

A natural green abstraction.

Natural Green Abstraction KALD4

My temptation is quiet.
But flowers and all trees that have already been closed
Knitting a goal of green peace,

Emerald pool in low light –
Green myrtled marrow collection!

A scattered skeleton of tomorrow’s dreams?

The sea’s foamy waves around the band of new horizons rise and plunge, arousing the imagination of the young between the branches of the secrets hidden in the grey areas of uncertainty and desire.



Who flutes that sad refrain?
Yesterday’s tears of sadness are now dry.

By the Emerald Pool in low light,

Flowers and trees of the heart,

A Green myrtled marrow collection

Hides The Crown.

Falls the Meteor’s Garland tomorrow ?

It is the Aurora Borealis in teeming Jade and Gold, doing a Harlequin Dance in the Summer Night Sky, like a blue kite rising to make waves among the clouds.

The Kaleidoscope of my heart sings to the green leaves as they dance and the night stars that hang in the sky.

Natural Green Abstraction KALD4Gr


Step on the wind

And shield your heart.

At the bottom of the next hill,

You will find waiting,

The Clouds that cover the Summer Sun

With thunder and regretted angry words.

The heavy rain is an emerald pool in the darkness.

Whose flute sings a sad refrain?

Now dry, the tears of sadness call to yesterday.

Emerald Pool in the dark?
In addition look to the golden narrow band
In my heart,
I tell the Summer;
With Flowers and Trees in the middle
I want to hide.
Oh, please do not forget the crown.
Green myrtled, the Heart Marrow Harvesting

Gathers up the petals & leaves of yesterday’s laughter.

How is The Waterfall Tear Garland

Like Tomorrow’s Meteors?

None  know where they shall fall .

Whistler in Motley , if you dare to dance with the star of the night hanging in the air, your heart will sing a kaleidoscope of leaves and joyful green. Seek out the New Horizon of foaming waves, Imagination’s secret as Childhood plunges into the sea, there between branches and the leaves of grass.

The Green?
I ride the wind
It is at the bottom of the next hill.
Hear a Choir singing with The Piper ?
I wipe the tears of the last call of sorrow.

New laughter comes on the ‘morrow.




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