Everyone Has the Right (Gaza 2014)

The place where two cultures meet,
In peace or in war, expands
Into Implied Space.

Who can decipher the tangled lines and lives of thousands of years of laughter, tears, birth and death ? In such a place as this , the human condition is the only true indigenous  culture . Somewhere, midst the bombs and blood, the daily truths and the political statements peace and justice must both walk together hand in hand. Till then, Everyone has the Right in Gaza and Israel, except the innocent young.

jewish philosophy place


Everyone talks about rights. Who’s right? Who has the right to do what? Without a lot of reasoning for now, here’s how I’m figuring it. Pretty much, each party to the conflict between Hamas and Israel is acting more or less within its right. Rights don’t justify any particular or every single action, but they establish general political and legal parameters, hedged in just a little by morality. It’s harsh. Here’s how it looks, schematically:

(–No one has the right to target civilians indiscriminately.)

(–No one has the right to use civilian structures for military purposes.)

–Israel has the right to control its border with Gaza and to interdict arms shipments.

–Hamas has the right to resist siege and occupation by means of force.

–Israel has the right to attack military assets (almost) wherever they find them.

–Hamas has the right to tunnel into Israel to attack (military) targets.

–Israel has…

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