Implied Space: growth & Decay

growth & Decay


The illiteracy of the future,’ someone has said, will be

ignorance not of reading or writing, but of photography (source).

Walter Benjamin



Yet how the Draics swim

on the Uninterrupted Waters
Glaring at the Lios

– Quietly –
Watching us rowing a wooden boat, like a floating log on which a tree has sprouted, all green as summer.

It is not possible to reach the Slope of the Green. Not now, after that which has befallen us this day – let them not be forgotten !

Remember that Great Age ! It will not come again, not for many lifetimes.

As a general rule, the work and experience for that Holy man called Tikkun, is named Truth.

Once it was a time of Great Makers,

Work items are in short supply now, as well as…….,

All the Intricacy of Spun Silver and sweet voices strumming the Soul’s delight

– the most perfect copies are out of time and space.

Where it is located, its presence, a unique presence, that will not be revealed to those who do not follow in Tikkun’s path.

Decline in The Map indicates the Growth

The former, ………

Winter –
The hot night,

All that Passion of the Green Shore,

Comes in the breeze at night –
It is not possible to reach the slope of the green from this tear-stream

– it is a grief current.

Trees by Water

“The illiteracy rate in the future,” said Ignorance “is reading and writing.”

Who but Ignorance would ask for meaning without symbols ?

……. and can it be someone else, but the Shooting Star ?

Knowledge falls from the sky like silver leaves,

It rests on the soul like the water lilies shining in the sun.

This has been our experience upon the waters,

Knowing loss and seeking comfort , forever rowing towards open arms on green shores.

What else makes the Frost cracks or tears to shine ?

Oh, how I remember that time !

This, and only this, allows you to not reach the slope of the green.

You must do the Great Work to experience the sacred truth,…….. for that lost word is the holy song of the man called Tikkun.

His presence is like a single copy of the Truth walking in sunlight among the water lilies,……. for there in the reflection you will remember those who have fallen, ancient articles of true heroes all, …….. soul work challenges, …….there is not a shortage of symbols for those who see the petals in the sunlight or ……

wind dancing with grass

water lilies shining up –

the sky smiles – green shores

…………there is the perfect time and place in which  is located growth and Decay.

wind dancing with grass water lilies shine


In the “Concept of History” Benjamin also turned to Jewish mysticism for a model of praxis in dark times, inspired by the kabbalistic precept that the work of the holy man is an activity known as tikkun. According to the kabbalah, God’s attributes were once held in vessels whose glass was contaminated by the presence of evil and these vessels had consequently shattered, disseminating their contents to the four corners of the earth. Tikkun was the process of collecting the scattered fragments in the hopes of once more piecing them together. Benjamin fused tikkun with the Surrealist notion that liberation would come through releasing repressed collective material, to produce his celebrated account of the revolutionary historiographer, who sought to grab hold of elided memories as they sparked to view at moments of present danger.


– from the Cambridge Companion to Walter Benjamin




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