Beady Eyed Beads

Beady Eyed Text 1A

Beady Eyed Beads –

Etymological Saint –

Prayerful String Theory

Beady Eyed

Beads, like prayers, may be divided into several types of overlapping categories based on different criteria such as the Materials (NEEDS) from which they are made, the process used in their Man-u-fracturing ( CONTEMPLATION, EXALTATION, or DESPERATION) the place or period of Origin (HOPEFUL, JOYFUL, or CONFUSED & FLABBERGASTED), the Patterns on their Surfaces (IDEOLOGY), or their General Shapes (VALUES & BELIEFS). In some cases, such as millefiori and cloisonné beads, multiple categories may overlap in an interdependent fashion of a multicultural acceptance of similarities & differences, a cosmopolitan jar of tolerance as opposed to broken fragments of territory fractured into a mosaic of blind fear and hate……….

Beady Eyed Text 1……….keep a Beady Eye on the Greedy & Power Hungry, the Hate-Mongers and their Blind Ignorant Followers strung along with False Promises, Brightly Coloured Bling of Biases & Stereotypes. Pray for Peace & Understanding.


Beady Eyed Text 2

Beads in Jar – Colour

Full – collection of Hopes & Fears

Strung in a Pattern.


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