Moon: Implied Space

Antique Moon
Antique Moon


All that I have to say is to tell you that the lanthorn is the moon; I, the Man in the Moon; this thornbush, my thornbush; and this dog, my dog. – Moone ( Robin Starveling )


Antique Moon2  frm
Antique Moon Demurely Shines


Well shone Moone.
Truly the Moone shines with a good grace

– Hippolyta ( Queen of the Amazons )

A Midsommer Nights Dreame

Act V Scene i

Cold Moon
Cold Moon

The Mechanicals’ decision:

– use Robin as Moonlight !

Behold !

~Absence of Actual Moonlight~

Delving into the Dreaming Mind,

A Moonbeam Pierces the Darkness.

A problem of synecdoche, …… a metaphor trying to represent something greater than your Self …………………

– an existential window opening on a reflection of identity .

Robin’s standing there, attempting to be moonshine, does not make him Sew, even if he is holding a lantern to represent a metaphorical part of the Moon – for that is the part he plays when he is not a tailor.

Carrying Moonlight in a Thimble,

Spilling Butterfly Dreams on the Floor,

The actor reveals the truth,

Midst the Footlights


the Paper-Mache,

Cementing the Suspension of Belief.

What part of Self do you hold to make believe you are real ?

Shakespeare seems

to be or not to be,

arguing ……… no representation


Any Thing

in a play

can really be

Or not to be

completely or not completely

Real or truthful,

For what is truth, but Moonshine,

Like A Metaphor spun by

the Politicals


the Great Unwashed


March to a Different Drummer

~no matter~

How Hard

those who are Players

at the Truth

May try to fly it up the flag-pole,

to be or not to be……………….

exaggerating the problem

for the entertainment



who are


are knot,


a tripping footstep


a Stone





I’d rather be in Synecdoche.

Antique Moon2  frm
that the lanthorn is the moon

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