Stillness: Shovels, Brooms, Wolves & Rake

Sovels & Brooms B&W

Rake & Broom

The shovels know the meaning of stillness. They cultivate it with care, like shadows and mulch on a sunny afternoon. The brooms swept up the day and let it come to rest in the shade of stillness. The bristles move not, having consumed the kinetic energy and converted all to dust and fine gravel. The rake gathers up the stillness in a mound where it decomposes into silence and dappled light. The wolves stare out with constant eyes at approaching shades, that stretch in stillness; the fur coats do not betray their breaths. Even the breeze can not stir the masters of stillness.



Shovels & Wolves

To make the mind still –

It would be so simple – just,

Picture it, stillness.


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