Travel Scapbook 2 – Implied Space

Travel Scrapbook - Damaged Mixed Text 3

The photograph and the scrapbook are forms of media, that present the viewer with a window opening on Implied Space – memories, dreams, time and space are captured, constructed, revealed and concealed by borders, edges, frames and tape.

Travel Scrapbook - Field MT

The camera helps you see things differently – places things in a different context and reveal Implied Space. Time and Space are captured, to be held in the hand and framed by emotions and the intended & untended meaning that become part of the message – faded newsprint, pieces of torn letters,cards & books construct a facade of tactile time.

By the River Sept 19 - 2014 MT

The Tape, Time’s brown edge –

Was it that long ago – when ?

Yesterday was Young.

Scrapbook -Hill MT


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