Between : Implied Space

Between 1

Between is an Implied Space,

Suspended going & arriving.

Here being transformed into there.




Between grows and recedes

Where corners curve towards

The trembling sky & steady ground.

Between 5

Between reaches and withdraws

An embrace, that is both

Eagerly Anticipated and Wistfully Remembered.



Fingers dance across the Harpolyre,  carrying you away to a place that is between the Now and the Then. Music from an instrument that is both and  neither – you hear it in a place that lingers on the line where dream and memory share the same eyes.


Click image of Harpolyre for source and more information – The Metropolitan Museum of Art .



Sight and sound drift down to be caught by a dish suspended on the corner curving towards the trembling sky and grounded earth;


Between 3

colour and shadows waltz where walls and fence staunchly comply with orders, trying to maintain straight lines, in the face of a curved space that implies a sphere suspended between the stars.

Between 2



Greeting the green leaves

Fall kisses the trees, blushing,

Anticipation –

Bare limbs will be revealed;

Covered in cool white sheets.













2 thoughts on “Between : Implied Space

    1. Thanks very much Ashley. The Harpolyre was patented by Jean Francois Salomon in 1829 . Check the link in the text just below the video, it provides more information and images. 🙂

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