Remote Control: Broken Folklore

Remote Control

Remote Control:

Adjustment from a distance –

Free Will is Outside of the Box –

A First ! Insert plug Here !


Chromium petals

Fall beneath the silver shades –

How like stars, her tears.



Do not adjust your head-set without proper authorization from Night Music Indigo Charlie.


Remote Control 2


The Ancient Scrolls of Lost Vegas ( See Archaeological Report- Doll in Wall ) declare that remote control for television was developed by Zenith Radio Corporation in 1950, in the distant wilderness of electronic transcendence. It was called “Lazy Bonezzs”; the viewer was connected with the remote with an žice-Bežični (wireless wire) to a “Flash Matic” on the television screen in 1955. Temporal Television was not invented yet, so this was an anomaly.

In response, Eugene Polley was developed as an alternate time line adjustment. This adjustment worked by a bright beam of light on the photocells of the galvanic coral brain stem, but unfortunately, the cells do not distinguish between light from the remote and light from other sources that came from an alternative future.

Remote Control 3


The Flash Matic was also very accurate on the receiver to relay to the planet ONE-BETA/^ . As a consequence, The Ego-Prime noticed a green ball of light appear behind a Montreal Forecaster’s broadcast in 2014 – further adjustments to the vertical temporal lobes of the continuum were made. { See temporal re-play HERE.}

Attached figure SABA TV remote was uploaded to the aether-net by Vice Chancellor Versa of The Cable TV Remote SABA Council under the authorization of Inspector Pino-Cubed.

Such an example of technology was controlled by little more than a police inspection of community brain scans. It was what is known in some circles, as a Christian Pagan Retro-vortextual transferal. This self-replicating meme was often observed in the form of a lay preacher, speaker of blog-temperance, and a social media reformer.

According to the police records quoted in the ancient scrolls of Lost Vegas, if someone had worked hard to bring Evans the Dancer to higher brain stem level – educated to a sense of his error it is that of the Humans Inspector, Dark Pines. He had the devil in the television frame of transferal-mind of Evans. It struggled, preyed for Evans, and even when things went wrong, the meme over-ride led Evans to visit what is called “a Meeting of the Infinite Piece Described and Praised”.

Like winds in shallows,

Footsteps on gravel whisper –

Comeback to me – dance.

[ The words in this part of the passage are difficult to decipher – Dancer /Lift Off ] of the Six Zenith Space Commander remote control without negating the topaz zone used by the Toshiba TV remote control interface [ whole scrolling page missing ].

The dancer is still –

Solar blankets float gently,

Happiness on screen.




In 1956, Robert Adler developed “Zenith Space Command”, a wireless remote control. E-Space was mechanical and ultrasound. It was unlike other perceptions of social and meta-physical reality. It depended on screen-mind interdependence, which according to brochure eleven, “can change the channel and volume”. When the user pressed a button on the remote control, it clicked and struck a bar, hence the term “clicker”. Each bar on the television emitted a different frequency and circuits could be detected. This was known as a zvuk.Izum 13.

There were cheaper electronic transistors in a beautiful distant kingdom, the life of the legend,…….. the sun is in its green gardens, never ever perishing signal prevailed from the beginning until today in the imagination of the Queen of Ultra Vista.

With both hands, she bestowed this remote control gift for many centuries, the fullness of the blessing of her family and was loved and adored by all who knew her. The heart of the queen, however, was too big – she resisted their brain stem blessings on their inter-dimensional landing; themselves in the real jewels of their eternal youth and beauty, like a whisper of growing social circuitry of interdependence.

She rejected their proclamation, Do not adjust your head-set without proper authorization from Night Music Indigo Charlie.”


Remote Control 3 Edge


Their ships came down to earth because they had heard that the people who live there, who spend their lives in sad earnest, with effort and work beseeched the Makers of Wonders to provide a remote control to stabilize their lives in colour and harmony. Their Dream Tracer brought the greatest gifts of their inter-transferal kingdom, and went to the beautiful queen through the space-time corridors of the land like proto-probable phantom songs of unity – the people were happy at work, happy in their piezoelectric crystals with an oscillation frequency of the current that was near or above the upper limit of human perception. Memory was excluded, but it was still audible to the cats. Ernst bypass 2.Fernbedienungen was a higher reality, which could be seen only in peripheral dream vision or when Ganzfeld was accelerated:


Eyes gaze out to sea

The horizon twists – embrace



Music fills the heart –

Oh, how they lingered there,

To dance freely – sea.



The receiver included a microphone to a Twitter-circuit that was tuned to the same frequency, fixed to a singular time line. Some problems with this method was that the receivers were accidentally triggered by natural noises, and some people could hear the piercing ultrasonic mind signals that the Beautiful Queen feared would bring an end to dancing in her kingdom.

Remote  Control 4 Wall


There was an incident in which a set of channels changed a xylophone into a flock of birds and this set of channels themselves shared such similar harmonics that they were isolated on islands where their memes could not infect the general unity. [Edit Vector Two – sortie Chapeau]


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