Strange-Glass Tile – Symbols

strange glass tile Symbols


strange glass tile Symbols 2


strange glass tile Symbols 3


strange glass tile Symbols 4


strange glass tile Symbols 4G


strange glass tile Symbols 5


6 thoughts on “Strange-Glass Tile – Symbols

    1. Thanks very much Suzanne. Trying to keep some of the sunny-side up. It could go down to 0 Celsius tomorrow night and we keep getting reports of possible wet flurries, which thankfully have not arrived. The days a cool and sunny most of the time – hoping the images will bring positive golden weather as opposed to cool blue frost. 😀

      1. Brrr – 0 degrees is very cold indeed. Hope that frost holds off too. Over here we are having a strange spring – it feels like summer some days then plunges back to winter the next. Four seasons in one day is pretty much our norm 🙂

      2. Our Springs have taken a similar turn, 2013 Spring had a real noticeable spike – Summer in May. This year the summer was all over the place. The Fall has been mostly normal – Thanksgiving Sunday was about 18 degrees – BBQ ribs & baked potatoes for an nontraditional family meal. 😀

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