Winter Transfiguration

Winter Transfiguration 1fr

Winter Transfiguration steps lightly –

Edges and colours shift,

Boughs and roofs ladened.


Winter Transfiguration  2Tfr

Does this image depict reality or is it a constructed reality that conveys a truth hidden from the eye ? Does the processing create an alternative passage of time & memory ?

Truth is fleeting as snowfall ,

As green as the first glimpse of spring.


Winter Transfiguration 3fr

Can the message be shaped to open the heart & mind, or has ignorance and complacency blinded us with special effects and an abundance of illusions & spectacle ? Has technology photo-shopped our expectations, leaving us beguiled by technique , looking at facts with a dubious eye ?

Winter Transfiguration Bough MT

Pine cones in winter –

Spiral seeds frozen in dance,

Snowflakes waltz downward.


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