Rustic Visions

Rustic Vision1Mgr


Rustic Vision 2Mgl


5 thoughts on “Rustic Visions

    1. As mentioned below, these are shots of a foot mat. I used a number of effects combined in layers to create the final result. The key to the mosaic/ stained glass/lines is an effect called veins from Flaming Pear. I discovered if I top layer of the base image and use the veins effect and then convert that layer to a Bas-Relief using Redfield plug-in I could produce the lines that resemble Aboriginal Art & Early Cave Paintings. Altering the setting produces a mosaic/stained glass appearance.

      I have some resources and tutorial pages on my Photo blog that may be of interest.

  1. oohh delightful Joseph. At first glance I thought they were old mosaics, but now I wonder where you got the snake skin overlay from :0 or what you actually did do?

    1. These are actually shots of a small mat from that great Canadian tradition shopping location – The Canadian Tire Store. 😀
      I will post a bit more detail on process in response to the question from jihearn. 🙂

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