Fractured Screen: Broken Folklore

Fractured Screen

The Broken Screen Girl was crying and sewing as she sat on a sun lounger. She honestly wept for the owls and lizards, as her hair, floating, rose up to the wind and into my eyes.

When that cloud of hair floated up between the Chancellor, the Prime Minister and ten elephants, the Nurse came running to see what was happening.

The Prime Minister saw the book, she understood, and then the Chancellor said:  

“Naughty King Putin ! Take him to the Iron Butterfly Bed that dances like the raindrops of Calliope. Let him think about what he did !”

Historical Note:

It was forbidden to give any member of royalty The Book of the Fractured Screen. Only the Head Nurse & Head Gardener were allowed to read the whole book and it was only in the winter. Others could only read the selected poems and proverbs during the full moon from Spring to Fall.

Fractured Screen 2

Then the Nurse of the Last Star Flower walked away and saw a mist of tears. She could not see her very clearly, but she knew Broken Screen Girl had done a lot of work.

They were not related, but they were true Sisters of the Screen and knew the weaving charms and how to do the dance of bees. The bees wiped away their eyes, however, when the Unhappy Bagel sang of lotus cheese and plums,  The Girl cried for an entire shaft-blond hair was already attracting silver thread noodles to the great weaving.

Note: The Unhappy Bagel is to be taken as an allegorical representation of the down trodden members of society.

It was then that a beautiful stone image of a woman sitting in the bright light of spring sprung up. Even though just a slight smile on that stone face, it was like birds singing Sunlight Six sounds into a room that had known only sadness and dust.

Mrs. Laughter came flying from window that looked out on the garden where the Nurse and the Girl danced with the bees around the Stone Lady. Mrs. Laughter moved about like a jagged crack in a screen. I reflected on her pale, almost sinister shadow face, but knew there was no harm. As she stepped on the tile stones, there appeared several children together pouring ice fire on the garden roses.

One girl, of about fourteen years, held the square for a delicate sewing tablet. Wrenata von Bergenriver was her name and she was wearing a white dress made of clouds and shadows of humming birds. It fell to her ankles and as she laughed with joy, the Nurse had to see that none in the garden would wake the King from his deep slumber.

Historical Notes:

The Book of the Fractured Screen states that the King sleeps to this very day. It was his shadow that came to rule the Kingdom of Far Trees and Pale Fields.

Wrenata von Berenriver’s birthday is still celebrated every year in the Town of Berenriver. It is believed that a child born at sunrise of that day will be a great weaver and a child born at the stroke of midnight of that night would have second sight.

Fractured Screen holds dreams,

Weaver’s song calls bees to dance –

Threads like flowers bloom.


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