Metamorphosis – Plastic Layered Blinds

Metamorphosis - Plastic Layered Blinds 1


Metamorphosis - Plastic Layered Blinds 2


Metamorphosis - Plastic Layered Blinds3


Metamorphosis - Plastic Layered Blinds 4


Metamorphosis - Plastic Layered Blinds 5

Metamorphosis - Plastic Layered Blinds 6


4 thoughts on “Metamorphosis – Plastic Layered Blinds

    1. Many thanks for dropping by & commenting. This has turned into my blog for experimental pieces, words & images, all linked in some way to the concept of Implied Space. More traditional work found on my Dark Pines Photo blog. 🙂

      Much impressed by your blog and your life journey from tropical island to exotic desert locale. Actually, for me, they are both exotic ( and warm). 😀

  1. Thanks very much. Glad you enjoyed the experiment. I used scans and photos of pieces of plastic and layered them over the shot of the blinds.

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