What do I want to give to the trance ?

Last year, this was written down, some Green Trance sets me up a echo-friend, ……… Here is the text, read in soothing, deep voice ………

Where is the dog now ?

Outside – a slow shutter speed –

Full moon is rising.


The moon, larger still,

Pedals the bicycle, floats,

waiting for feedback.

     Bearded Dragon in Repose 1 BW

The lizard flicks licks,
beach guitar plays – bikini
strings new jersey ghosts.


fourteen holes, counting
water hazard in the ears –
little Sheba dances.

The trance, a high wage –

The spirit knows the moonrise –

sky opens petals,

not like an old bicycle,

routine serenity works.

Get more dog biscuits.

I’ll feed the lizards, get laundry.

It is worthwhile, wait.

Dog Biscuits Quilt

I enjoy working –

in my rhythm, she gave me this,

the canvas size tool !

It makes a difference too,

in certain soul transactions…….

and whether there are changes. If I take my time, I do not need to change it later. My power is gewertschätzt; look for tanquility in the Forest of Hope.


Moonlight kisses sand,
Dramatic & eye catching,
serenity falls –

You have the power to install

critical situations!

Have you seen the movie ‘Idiocracy’ ? Anti-vaxxers say there is no sanity clause.


The lizard hides there,
hot reliability is perceived.
Remain, activate. 

Bring in the dog now.

He is starting to bark – stones,

cold stars, night sky weeps.   


Forest giants speak ,

“Wow, my bones are so cold now.”

I’m guessing, Bulb shot.

“You looking at this ?”
frozen white aggregation,

a low aperture.

The dog needs a bath –

Use higher resolution,

æther or either. 

Ghosts bowl in æther,

moonlight brightens glassy lanes.

Silent shooting stars strike.  

Excellent ~ a shoe in for Esther Lane – does it adjoin æther Park ?

‘To SUM up: π r GOOD!’

– The value of maintaining

virgin forests.

What I want to give to the trance ? ……. Life, hanging on to the globe – Nature shows us tenacity and fragility. This creates a border which you can modify. If you have a scanner, you can try using that quietly – depends on resolution and setting.



The Method of my madness:

This all came about as an appreciation and response to a post by errinspelling – whistling confused the squirrels par birdies at the all girl pool.  

Errin uses haiku stanzas to create a Robert Altman movie of crossed  dialogue and incident.  I was so enthused, I got the crazy idea to emulate her work.  I did not successfully limit myself to haiku; instead I also used some senryu, tanka and prose. Where to get the conversation ?  Why not use bits of everyday repartee from around the house and combine it with bits of comments from other posts, mine and other bloggers ~ Which brings me to the next bit of recognition.Here are the posts, whose comments or text became part of this stew. Hopefully I have not missed anyone. May all find this madness mirthful.



Ralf Hauser – Coaching BlogGelassenheit und Ungeduld  – With the help of Google translation & my wife’s German background added some interesting turns of phrase & linguistic diversity

John’s The Daily Graff provided some pun with pie .


The ancient eavesdropper inspired with the nature theme thanks to the beautiful photograph in the post Woodland Wizard


Malin H Photography post Connection IV also anchors the theme of nature that runs through this composition.


A mysterious aggregation from Scott’s Place ….Images and Words further inspired words and ideas.


Ashley’s Syncopated Eye gave us EstherLane #2


Check out 35 minute well Spent on Violet’s Veg’n e-comics where another comment added a touch of flavour to this concoction.


11 thoughts on “What do I want to give to the trance ?

    1. elmediat

      Glad you enjoyed it Ashley. 🙂

      My only disappointment, is I spent quite a bit of time & frustration getting the text format set up. It looks fine on my computer, but when I checked it on my wife’s screen it was completely different. All the text is the same size and the same font, which looks large, square & blocky. Looked at an earlier post and it is the same.
      The italic prose should appear in a fine script ( it does on my screen). There are other noticeable differences with the stanzas size & font. can not figure it out and I am left wondering what the text looks like on other computer screens.

      1. elmediat

        They are separate computers. They are using the same types of browser & operating systems. Do not know if it is wordpress thing or a computer thing. My this is beginning to sound like a Dr. Seuss tale. I am have to turn it into a blog post. 😀

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. 🙂

      Your post was one of the ones i nearly lost. Some how I could not find way back there for a bit. I am sure there was a blogger from Winnipeg whose post had some related words, but I can not find a link. The internet is multidimensional, sometimes I think some of the blogs I have read come from an alternative universe. Then again, this blog is not too firmly attached to one universe. 😀

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. Glad you enjoyed. 🙂
      I reused some images from Dark Pines Photo. There is a colour version of the bearded dragon portrait on that blog . The dog biscuit quilt was done specifically for this blog.

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