Captured on Cyanotype: A Timeless Tale

She was born in Japan.

Transparent silver, pastel as Cherry plates captured on cyanotype.

As beautiful and a live, as a little bird cage made of starlight.


Cyanotype Time 1Mt

Footsteps faintly kiss

carpets of gold sea currents –

laughter turns deep blue.



Silk gown, breeze moves – hush,

bells are envious, ocean

waves embrace the shore.


Cyanotype Time 2 MT


Very quickly he moved with her to Europe. France became their new home. They chose the late 17th century and the names, Louis and Cantelle Pasión De Viajar . The Marquis Young Cloud came to hear them sing and play the Talmudic Harpolyre and the Steam Harpsichord.


The Entertainer Behind the Screen

In the Salon of Lost Ghosts, many came to listen, as she read romance novels and performed shadow plays based on faerie tales composed in the late 21st century.


Porcelain tea set –

Two white lace violins flirting –

Ebony strings cry.


Cup CL2 CPBd

The short clock strikes twelve –

allotment of silent tears –

satin screens twisted.


Raining lilies pour

their scent on dusk cobbled streets –

teacups full of songs.

Cup B&W MTf

Marquis Young Cloud had a Phenakistoscopic lover, her name was Ruby Twilight . They rarely appeared in public, preferring to waltz in circles in the moonlight. She would fade away with the arrival of dawn.

Light twists round and round,

lovers in step to music –

the heart’s illusion




Perception made real –

lovers sip from crystal cups,

moonlight in warm hands.

When the great bronze dragon ships arrived, the four of them used their qualification papers to go to Kyoto, situated in the year 1897.


Birds fly, plants grow strong –

the sea spreads out over years –

ivory leaves, wires,

ideas take wing, tick-tock,

seconds caught in prism, dream-time………

Step on the path now,

Walk-about to ancestors –

tomorrow’s gifts.



The Marquis began growing mandrake root and ginseng on a bed of electrified satin. With the money from this venture, they set up a production company to create operatic spectacles for the newest form of cyanotype cinema. They convinced Georges Méliès to join them. He earned much more money with them than he would have in Paris and the Marquis’s legal expertise ensured no loss of control over their work. As a consequence, Méliès never fell into poverty & obscurity, and is still much sought after for both cinematic & live productions.



Flickering shadows,

magic, an art form of soul

bending light and minds……………


………. to seemingly manipulate and transform reality through cinematography, Georges Méliès is sometimes referred to as the first “Cinemagician”.


a meager living –

a shadow sells sweets and toys

in French train station

tears and children gather round –

what a spectacle !


Eventually they moved their production company to the year 2115, Vancouver, British Columbia. Their first piece was pioneering a revitalized style of Cinéma Vérité Musical . It was about the life of David Suzuki and his efforts to save the environment. Of course the rest is history.


The grandfather clock knows things.

Listen to murmuring moments.

Watch the old days burning into green leaves.

Return to might-have-been,

Build yesterdays into will-bees,

Tomorrow’s honey.




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