Amongst the Teacups and the Bramble

These Halls at Night


I have walked down these halls at night, amongst the teacups and the bramble, looking for answers, strawberries,… and buttermilk.

At the end of the hall, just waited for the man upstairs to send me a cabbage leaf, but all I hear is the knocking on the beams above, as cold air twists and skips with frosted hooves on the edge of the eaves.

Splattered stars, iced with yesterday’s kisses and regrets, shine in the night sky and buzz against the window screen, where the dusty spider webs of summer hang tattered and chilled.


These Halls at Night 2

Cat paws whisper across the floor in the dark, poking into the hard corners of the rooms and the crevices of scattered papers. Eyes in the darkness illuminate the uncertainties that creep up the stairs and slip from chair to chair.

The last taste of midnight, grey ash remnants of dreaming whistles and flying pigs, turns burgundy and then deep violet. Chinese fans fly across the shadows of the window blinds, like bananas in a hungry monkey’s hands. Tomorrow arrives with the frigid air of a pale lemon morning, wearing a gown of glazed smoke and melted mirrors.


Two pounds of butter

on a spider silk drum hums

like baking soda –

Note to self: After a slow breakfast, bake muffins,……. or not ?


3 thoughts on “Amongst the Teacups and the Bramble

  1. Your prose is powerful here – I was caught up in the spell woven by phrases like ‘uncertainties that creep up the stairs and slip from chair to chair.’
    Then, when I read you haiku and note to self, I realised I had truly entered a looking glass world of implied spaces.
    Great stuff. I’d love to read more in this vein.

    1. Many thanks. 🙂 My brain has been off ( some would say that is very true 😀 ) in strange places of late, as you tell from some of the recent posts. Sometimes it starts with a bare outline, other times a random phrase or the tile for one of the images will carry me in a direction and leave me there to try to figure out where to go from there.

      The other interesting thing for me is how the language in one post will create a ripple or staring point for another post with a very different tone. For example some of the elements in this piece, ended up echoing in “Chew Noir: A Monochrome Mystery” , the most recent post on Dark Pines Photo.

      1. I like the idea of one idea feeding another. You must be in a very creative space. Since I decided to put together a book of my haibun I’ve been expending so much energy there. My creative efforts on my blog have become erratic and mostly in response to challenges.
        I should get this book project finished by the end of the month and move on to something new (I hope).
        I’ll visit your Dark Pines blog today.

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