Broken Folklore: Tile Tales

Tile Tale1

A slight disappointment begins to cuddle the heart………

the bathroom tiles have a life of their own.


Tile Tale 2

When flying in aether, access to other pulp magazine realities can be seen through the scratches, murmuring where the grout has cracked and the mould has caked.

Tile Tale 3

If a man dies at the stroke of midnight will the devil take the foot of his soul or just the sole ? Does he reach out in the dark, sliding his hands against the cool tiles, like a sleeping cloud – seeking egress, only to find the wings of the black egret ?

Dark pinions brush palm –

the skin whispers memories,

take flight weary soul –


Crocodile cocoon

bursts open, smoky wings spread –

night song rises upward.


When fugitive days unravel, the threads of fate dangle from the loom, an abandoned time-worn towel on the rack of passing moments. Reaching out, grab for the towel to dry away regrets and damp spots of might have been heartbeats .


Tile Tale 4


Transcript of Witness Account

I can only say Tuesday, but I realize that is blasphemy, it was much more than that. It smelt like burnt Panic and there was an almost pleasant noise buzzing away the few seconds remaining . Determination was athwart to the receding corners of circumstance. I know I am being oblique, but one can only describe the whole event metaphorically. It was not just a series of actions and consequences. The emotional context was not restricted to memory,…… or even time and space.

Tile Tale 5

A line of flight (French: ligne de fuite) is a concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and used extensively in his work with Félix Guattari. Translator Brian Massumi notes that in French, “Fuite covers not only the act of fleeing or eluding but also flowing, leaking, and disappearing into the distance (the vanishing point in a painting is a point de fuite). It has no relation to flying.”    Wikipedia – line of flight


the act

of  fleeing ……

flowing, leaking , drain

into the vanishing point

eluding time’s grasp….

curved corner

appears now



Tile Tale 5-CN


Note Found on Bathroom Floor

Did you know that time bends in the corners of a room like eggs thrown from a balcony ? Yes it goes against logic and all common sense linear experience. But if you squeeze yourself into a corner, of say a bathroom with cool tiles, and close your eyes you can feel the moments slipping through cracks. Perhaps it is the grout or the smell of the mould.  Proof will be provided on Tuesday.


Tile Tale 6

Note on Creative Process: Inspiration comes from many places . When charting the ever shifting Implied Spaces two blogs provided both examples of these shifting territories and sparks in the form of ideas, images and emotion.



See: 1) Susan’s Lines of flight

– Her blog is Art and Life – a creative journey.

2) Meredith’s removing old burdens

– Her blog is Living is Not Mental Illness.

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