Observation in Abstract

Observation in Abstract

If you see this and understand it , let me know.

Eye been in abstraction over it all day.



Looking at colours,

an abstract observation

on art of Nature.


It is how you frame

the question, falling bright lines

converge on contact –

how does it feel, organic

pattern of uncertainty, ……….


Looking under the surface can be unsettling.

Just duck and cover.

Don’t forget to come up

and note the Aire

Nature’s Melody is chaotic harmony….



Walking past picture

being observed by no one

steps’ echo in hall……..



Who is that behind you ?


13 thoughts on “Observation in Abstract

  1. wow. the primordial ‘i’
    dispassionately watching.
    false tears,
    industrially implied
    imperialistic vision watching
    through false eagle eyes
    burnished on new currency.
    nature? wow… i wonder

      1. As I mentioned to Suzanne on one of the posts, new media, such as blogs, offer up creative ways of extending forms that originated in linear printed text. Digital text opens multiple pathways. Hyper-links and interactive responses between creators and audience, invites the audience to expand the ideas and build creative pathways of their own .

        The incorporation of images and the freeing up of literary forms creates new spins on prose poetry, haiga and haibun. Multimedia further expands the form.

        All of it generates new implied spaces in which new forms an come into being. 🙂

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