Colour The Ice Wall: Defying Winter

Ice Wall 1


If you see me today, understand that I am defying Winter.

The ice wall will be in colours of Spring & Summer.


Ice Wall 2


Walking past the blues and hard whites,

Picture not the dismal greys that pour

Over the eye-scape of winter

Like the frigid waters  of a frozen lake.



Ice Wall 3


Turn past those hues of crystallized dismay –

Picture the greens and earthy browns

That bubble up in April


Then bud and flower in May.


Ice Wall Antique

The  change in seasons

Is not some abstract concept,

A toy of a philosopher poet,

But a fact as hard

As a wall of ice.



9 thoughts on “Colour The Ice Wall: Defying Winter

  1. February is difficult in Canada. We’re having sun now, that makes everything better and those other seasons at least not quite so unimaginable. I wish for some sun for you too.

    1. These “unique” winters seem to be the new unpredictable normal. What I called the February Faw has disappeared . Last year it was cold with an endless accumulation of snow. This year the snow remained within roughly normal amounts, but with the wind, February became an endless supply of extreme temperature advisories punctuated by poor visibility. They even cancelled the school buses one day because of the temperature – never happened here before in my career of teaching. Bad weather stopped buses, but not the cold.

      Today is one of the first sunny mild days with an actual melt. 🙂

      1. Unique is the new normal, sounds like a song title. We had endless snow and gray days and warm. Now we’re sort of back to our “normal”, sun and somewhat cold. The sun immediately changes my mood for the better.
        Buses here stop every year because of cold, -35 is the cutoff, but this year they stopped for 6 days because of ice.
        Take heart, spring is coming!

  2. Beautifully creative images and prose (?) and I’m learning too of what it means to live day by day in a place of extreme cold Brrrr! Sending warmest thoughts in the hope of an early spring 🙂

    1. Many thanks. The writing is a free form – falls between a prose poem and free verse. 🙂

      So where are you presently, that you have encountered the joys of a cold climate ? 😀 Hope you got plenty of photos.

      1. Ah, no, not me in a cold climate rather the opposite. I meant that I was learning second hand through your blog and a few other blogs I follow from the northern climes of America about the dire winters of late. I’ve been lolling around in the sun on a Great Barrier Reef Island – week of a photography workshop actually – and melting in the humidity that comes at home with summer rain and warmth 🙂

      2. For first hand experience, you wet your hand and grab some ice cubes from the freezer. The memory will stick with you. 😀

        The kids who discover what happens when a tongue encounters cold metal in winter have a life long memory/trauma. 🙂

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