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Thank you for your comment on my blog recently. I came by to see what yours is about. It looks interesting! Just one thing though that might help…I notice you have a lot of tags and categories. WP has this stupid rule that if you have more than 15 tags+categories, your blog will not appear in the reader stream for blogs that are followed. For instance if I follow you, I will never see your blog in my stream. So if you want more regular followers, my suggestion is to reduce the categories+tags <= 15. Just thought you should know! Hope to see you in my stream sometime. – lauramacky




Thanks very much. I just recently became aware of the issue with the Reader, though I was not aware of how it would effect followers. I am trying to keep the tags under 15. I was actually considering doing a post on the tags issue; it is another example of an Implied Space. The tags do not differentiate form from content or types. If one composes a complex media piece that overlaps a number of forms and then also interconnects several different subjects you hit the magic number.

fire weave 2MXm

Implied Spaces is a term that derives from art and architecture. It has since expanded into the area of 3D modelling and the concept has implications for Mass Media, literature, sociology and other cultural studies.

Click image to go to Art Deco Sault Ste. Marie

Implied Spaces tag

ideas in global web

form versus content …


Haibun combines thoughts

in prose and verse, haiku-chains

link to global web …..


add an image too

the mix of media grows


like a tanka swimming through

photographs on the eye’s edge


Click image to view post – Existential Friday: Daguerre Upon the Stair


Responding to Support Forum – the post was a complex piece and I was trying to cover both form & content. Actually, I think that is a limitation with the tags. Some tags such as poetry, tanka , haiku & haibun describe specific forms, but not content. Other tags, such as fairy tale, folklore,or jazz deal with content. There is no way to be specific and narrow down a complex piece.



Because I incorporated a video piece I specifically created, I checked out another blogger who regularly creates such pieces to see what tags he used, then used his tags as a template. He is obviously in the same situation.

Lemur in Spam Trap



The 15+ is intended to block spam because obviously more than 15 concepts could never meaningfully interconnect like stands on a spider’s web.

Click image to read post – Surreal Thursday: Beware The Spider !


Once the room is completed and put into use, a spider takes up residence in one of the upper corners of the room. It constructs its web in this space. This was not the intended purpose of the corner from the point of view of the designers, builders or occupants. The upper corners are just implied spaces that are a consequence of creating the room. That does not stop the space from being used by the spider. ( See About Implied Spaces page )


The potential of a Mass Medium!


Be Sure to Get Yours Today !

It is just waiting to be occupied

by those who can put it to use.

Available where new ideas are found.




Tag you’re it !

No your It. I don’t want It.

It is too complex.

It is like a spider,

but more twisty


soft as a jellyfish

with butterfly wings

mixing metaphors at the Bar.

I will hide now, try and find me.



NOTE: No tags were endangered in the composing of this post.



19 thoughts on “Playing Tag With WordPress

    1. Glad the post was of some use to you. The line between art and the business expectations of Mass Media is in the shadows of an implied space. It is easy to be tripped up. 🙂

      1. Many thanks. Walter Jon Williams’ science fiction novel Implied Spaces introduced me to the term. My son pointed out the connection to 3D modelling and my background in in Mass Media helped me see the other pieces and implications.

        It is another way of understanding social change, art, communication theory and unintended consequences in the social & physical environment. 🙂

  1. i didn’t know, but i did just learn this.i had only 6 categories & tags & i just leaned this after 3 years of why a lot of times, posts would not appear under haiku or poems or poetry or anywhere & someone told me on a wordpress thread that the internet thinks you are spam…i did see the posts in the reader though

    1. I have been able to keep the tags down on most posts, especially on the photo blog. But it is awful easy to build them up for example photography, digital photography, digital art, & art. That doesn’t even include a topic, subject or theme. 😀

      1. I wasn’t always checking. When I checked the Snow White post it was because I included the video. I knew that WordPress discouraged an over abundance of tags, but had not realized that once you were above the threshold they would not include it in the Reader.

        What gets me is I still get likes from blogs that when I check back are just selling services and recycling other articles from the net. There doesn’t seem to be a real person behind them, but they keep their tags low. They are fitting into the intended space, but what are they offering ? 🙂

        As an experiment, I suppose one could re-post an earlier offering, but only tag it with one tag – say using tag you never used before, like bungee mule jumping, and see what happens. 😀

    1. It would be true if the tags accurately defined/described what they represented. Alas, they are very general terms, with very broad usages. If you restrict yourself to a single modality, it is a bit easier. For example, Art, abstract, painting/photography works fine. You can even add a theme, such as health or horses.

      Take terms such as Mass Media or Fantasy and things begin to become messy. Fantasy is most often used for fantasy literature ( this includes prose & poetry, live theatre, movies, games, comics, graphic novels, art and music) as related to such things as folklore, mythology, magic, surreal reality, dreams, alternate reality/time-lines, and supernatural horror. However, you can also see the same tag being used for a variety of topics, such as automobiles, Fantasy Sports Pools, winning the Loto, setting life goals, home decor and Fifty Shades of you-really-don’t-want-to-go-there.

      Of course the word Media is plural, many types and even more aspects, though the three most common usages are technology, news gathering & reporting, and business-advertising related topics.

      If you are exploring a mixed modality or new forms of art, expression & mass media ( creating within an Implied Space) you can come up with new tags, such as ones I created – Fibku, Mass Media Principles, Antique Impressions, Broken Folklore, or Necro-Media – mind you, then you are the only one using the tags. 😀 Or else you try to use over lapping tags to identify the mix . That still leaves themes & topics, ……. and the tags just keep on coming. 🙂

  2. Betty Edwards in “Drawing on the right side of the brain” talks a lot about implied space or negative space as she calls it. A great concept, and as you point out, an important one.

    1. Negative space and Implied Space share common elements, particularly in art & architecture. Implied Space has extended implications when applied to the concept of environment. In a 3D modelling environment, you end up creating spaces that were unintended that are part of the environment. You build negative space while creating objects and terrain.

      If you introduce a new species to an environment it takes up an implied space that was often unintended. If you alter the environment, you create an implied space where something unintended moves in – raccoons, coyotes and bears are very good at moving into urban areas and adapting space that was not intended for them. 😀

  3. Forgive me for being a bit dense, but are you saying that the total of ALL the tags I have used shouldn’t add up too more than 15? And is it possible/advisable to somehow delete some to get to the allowable number? I don’t use categories.

    At any rate, thanks for visiting, and taking the time to help. Steve.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. It would seem so. That was mine & Errin’s experience with the Reader. If you have more than 15 tags and then check those tags right after publishing your post does not show up. In fact in the Haibun set, where there are less frequent posts, as I scrolled down I found one of my earlier posts which had only a few tags, but not the the most recent one at that time. As Laura informed me, that means they also block them in the subscription list – this really is odd because you chose to subscribe to them. 😀

      According to the Forum support, they post “should appear” if you reduce the number of tags. I have not checked this and there is the possibility they grandfather the post so that it appears chronologically with the actual date , rather than update. Time & space on the internet can also be an Implied Space. 😀

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