Lounge Lizard Playlist

Lounge Lizard - Playlist 1

So I had some old CDs  and decide to put some of the music on the computer. I discover some digital musicality of a cacophony of mislabelled files. Out of a four disc set, the second disc content and labelling on the disc & disc box do not match.  It plays the correct music, but according to the files instead of a compilation, it is a Billie Holliday album ( remember albums ?) with all tracks by Lady Day. Every song  incorrectly identified by name, performer and composer. Obviously there was a sneaky Lounge Lizard messing around.


Lounging Lizard

 The term lounge lizard is usually used to refer to lounge musicians, most often in a negative sense (as tacky, tasteless, etc.). Since its first appearance as American slang in 1917, “lounge lizard” has shown up in nearly every decade. In Buster Keaton‘s 1924 film “Sherlock, Jr.“, Keaton plays a projectionist at a movie theatre where the movie showing is “Hearts & Pearls or The Lounge Lizard’s Lost Love”. The movie within a movie has a character who is good looking and well dressed who is romantically involved with a wealthy young woman. A “lounge lizard” is typically depicted as a well-dressed man who frequents the establishments in which the rich gather with the intention of seducing a wealthy woman with his flattery and deceptive charm. The term presumably owes something to the cold and insinuating quality of reptiles. It has also been suggested that the name derives in part from the “lizards”, that is, shoes made from crocodile or snakeskin, that were sometimes sported by such men, but there is no solid evidence of this. Source

The Lounge Lizard's Lost Love Screen

So what to do ? Have to edit the files so that the content matches the identification.  At least it was only one disc or  by time you were done it could go to your head.


Lounge Lizard - Playlist 2


4 thoughts on “Lounge Lizard Playlist

  1. Glad y – power just went out and came back twice in less than a minute, something to make you nervous about in the winter, even though we have gas heating – ou enjoyed the visit to the lounge. If you see any lizards they are just some of the pets, unless there are any digital ones amongst the files. 😀

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