The Shoreline in Winter

Shoreline in Winter  Birch1gr

Well, the shoreline in winter is an implied space, only accessible by the imagination or memory – between the limbs of trees it is  faintly visible. Hidden beneath an acrostic set of lines and scratches – pathways made by wind, animals wild & domestic, and those humans and their machines.

Which way to traverse ?

How transparent a boundary – an enigma in white parable waiting for you.

Irony comes here to sit.


Shoreline in Winter 1

White sharp lines converse

only of cold memories,

broken hieroglyphs –


Cursive trails stalk slopes

shifting right then left, questions

remark  to straight lines.



Shoreline in Winter 2


Straight lines carry an ancient text that tracks time’s passing moments in crystallized remembrances of many things.  Crunching notes play out a melody to match the wind’s lyrics.  Suspended growth recedes into small puddles that  then hardens and glisten beneath the night sky.  Etched seconds crumble into the white surface – transcribed by shifting air.


Shoreline in Winter 3

Benchmarks of passage

straight inline quandary shapes

configurations –

The shoreline sleeps, waiting to be aroused by sunlight’s touch. It will then once again lap against the implied space where water meets the land. For now, it is swallowed, made invisible by winter’s tight smile.


Shoreline in Winter 4


6 thoughts on “The Shoreline in Winter

    1. Many thanks Derrick. 🙂 I actually had to fiddle with that to get the right level of contrast and tone. The middle kept washing out when I tried to get more detail in the trees in the background. I ended up with two layers and deleting one section and then merging them. Then tweaking the whole thing some more. 😀

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