Ice Melt: From Organic Abstract

ice melt 1


Ice melt 2


Ice melt 3


Ice melt 4


One of things that intrigues me in photographing outdoor environments is naturally formed abstract patterns – found organic/natural abstracts. This ties to both the concept of Implied Spaces and the Media Principle of Constructed Reality. When we  find an organic abstract we are imposing value judgments and occupying an implied space of perception and aesthetics. As photographers, we apply those values and construct a reality in the medium of the photograph that turns the Implied Space into an intended space, an image.

For this post ( # 200 ), I extended the organic abstract by creating a sequence of transformations.  All the transformational elements originated out of the original image of the ice melt.  I have more variations than actually shown. I also have a number of other shots of the driveway ice melt, as well as some video clips of the ice and water movement.  I am in the slow process of combining all of this into an art video and incorporating the photographs into the constructed reality of the video. ( With any luck I might get this posted before summer, ……  of this year, …… ) .

For those of you with interest in climate and weather patterns, here in Elliot Lake ( Ontario ) we are in the in-between of Spring & Winter.  Today there is a weather alert for ice pellets followed by freezing rain.


8 thoughts on “Ice Melt: From Organic Abstract

    1. Thanks for dropping by & commenting. It is much appreciated.

      It is intriguing how as we replicate and repeat aspects of organic abstracts that the seeming chaos settles into something that resembles sacred geometry and mandala like rhythms.

  1. Love your weather/climate alert for Elliot Lake – ice pellets, freezing rain!!!!! OMG 🙂 So true, we do give nature’s abstracts a judgement based on our own values and cultural understanding – like it or not I see Brear Wolf in the initial ice image, sure this isn’t the right spelling but can’t figure it out 🙂

    1. Sound a bit exotic doesn’t. 😀 They keep pushing back the start, as the system moves slowly and it all depends on the precipitation and the temperatures meeting at just the right moment – like an affair of the heart
      Yes there is a wolf’s head ( almost a Loony Tune character ) and a bear/brier ( Australian ? ).

      1. It’s the Loony Tune character I think I’m talking about, only think mind you it was a long time ago 🙂

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