Abstract Perspective: Ice

The photograph is a Constructed Reality. It is at its most deceptive when it appears to depict the everyday reality that we come to expect.


Iced Path - Abstract Perspective Monochrome


Dark glacial wall

daunting abstract over-hangs 

heads,  foreboding quiet –

The Reality that we come to expect.

Beware the Terror that

lurks just around the corner.

–  a friendly message from your concerned politicians.

Please contact Proper Authorities when you become suspicious





neighbours, or family members.





Iced Path - Abstract Perspective Colour

Pop Art Memory –

you had to be there man –  like, Get Real

Constructed  Visions –


Don’t mess with Reality. 

This is your brain on drugs !

The sale of alcohol and tobacco is strictly controlled by the government.

Medical Marijuana takes away the pain


Everyday Reality.

I would walk a Mile for a Camel .

You’ve come a long way baby !

Welcome to Marlboro Country .

That Cool menthol smoke, ………………… Everything you always wanted in a beer…and less……….

 ………the everyday reality that we come to expect.


Iced Path - Abstract Perspective Natural


Winter path melts down

towards Spring’s Reality,

coolly accepts warmth.



Photographers use a set of photographic codes and conventions to construct a reality and convey a set of values, beliefs and ideologies.  This is true of all forms of Mass Media. This constructed reality is at its most deceptive when it appears to depict the everyday reality that we come to expect.  If it plays into cultural/group identification and expectations we will perceive what we are meant to believe.


Take a shot of an icy winter pathway. Frame your subject, select camera angle & level, select camera settings and reality has been shaped. A message is conveyed to the viewer. An organic abstract has been found in midst of everyday experience – presented so that shape, texture, light and colour form an aesthetic not initially noticed by those simply looking to traverse the area safely.

 Now flip or rotate that image and directions, size, distance and context become less certain to the viewer. Further alter the image by turning it to monochrome or punching up colour saturation and contrast and the natural abstract conveys a different emotional atmosphere. Expectations have been modified. Values, beliefs and ideologies have been massaged by the shape of medium’s message.


This post is a third in the series – see the above links on deceptive reality and organic abstract. The other links provide further background information and extended context. This post also is part of 

Thursday’s Special: Abstract


Suzanne commented on the second post in this series – she is writing the guest post for Paula’s Photo Challenge  – that my subject of abstracts and perception fitted nicely with her selected topic – Abstracted Moments .  So I hope these links work and that viewers find this mix of haiku, free verse and mass media messaging both of interest &  entertaining.