Postcard from L’isoletta mia

L’isoletta mia – my islet – my soul.

We thought we were not being heard, but still we arose from the remembrance of landscapes and the incorruptible beauty of the Unresolved.

This is the way in which writing has not changed – You get to new ego-layers through self-disclosure – sharing reflections about the shadow-self. You start at the first layer then work your way down to the core of memory – this then operates as you nucleus. The choice of words identifies you.

Postcard - Smokey Glasses Sing 1

I hear your voice – a window of the spirit.

Smokey glasses sing out the blue rays of solitude.

This house is like a cave –

Tears run down the walls

staining the shadows of past laughter.

Those looks that you give are bricks on my heart.




So the gap between your walls grows – within, mixed with broken mortar and dreams is the golden hair of fallen angels, stretching out like grape vines, their fruit ripened in the sun.

Postcard -  Fruit Ripened in the Sun 1

This my islet – a stream of tears

How can you not sail to the shore

past the shoals of hubris

without the breezes of remorse ?


Postcard - Life is a Beach

The postcard was an effective medium. It combined a visual with text that constructed a reality which conveyed a message that went beyond words. It contained aspects of haiga and anticipated characteristics of early 21st century social media. It bridged the distances creating a global connection.

Postcard - This is My Islet

This my islet – blinded by the sun,

the walls hide the shadows,

the gulls cry,

mocking the tourists

snapping pictures & clutching brochures,

their choice of words identify them.

They work their way down the quaint lanes

past the layers of colourful stalls

to the core of memory.

Postcard - Wish You Were Here

Note on process: Visiting several blogs and stopped by lgazometro  and the post L’isoletta mia . From there I went to some Google translations of various pieces of Italian & Romanian and then to some blogs & articles on communication theory.  The result  is what  you find in this post. No postcards were damaged  in the process of composing this piece.



6 thoughts on “Postcard from L’isoletta mia

    1. Many thanks Meredith. As I explore forms in this blog I seem to be arriving at an Implied Space that is an intersection of dreams & memories together with the emotional symbolic and the analytical account. For some viewers this will be a muddle, others will find emotional resonances, while others may be drawn to the concepts and media form. 🙂

  1. Concepts and media here Joseph! I think you have used just about every effect in all these postcards and very effectively too.

    1. ……..left out a few. 😀 I went back to some earlier pieces from my Junk Mail Abstracts and modified some of them to fit the post with some other earlier pieces. Glad you enjoyed and hope you recover your files from the Phantom Zone.

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