Op Art – Maps to Implied Spaces

My wife Liz is a retired Art & Drama teacher. Besides her setting up the community theatre group, the Elliot Lake Round Exceptional Puppeteers for our Special Needs citizens, she is teaching/introducing a talented young girl to visual arts. Op Art 1

The most recent lesson was about Op Art. My daughter, Tasha,who is a Downs person &  a puppeteer, took part in the activity. I took photographs of Liz’s example (above) and Tasha’s efforts (next).

Op Art 2

Since this fits in so nicely with the concept of  Implied Spaces, I decided to digitally participate in the exercise.

Op Art 1Mdf

Since this fits in ……

Op Art 1MGdf

In this fits

in Two

……..Implied Spaces …..

Op Art 2Mdf

Incense smoke slides up in waves

fitting into the corners

curving purple shades……. bending burgundy

Op Art 2MGdf

Purple Shades waltz down ……. bending towards



Full of INcense


INtricate Steps

– Fables in Hieroglyphs –

a Language Unknown


The Map of Whispers.

Silent Bells ATONE


a Cartesian Cacophony



–  the Optical Illusion –

of Mind & Body


Op Art 2MTsh

Op Art Defined !

Not to be



Pop Art


Plop Art !

  OP ART also known as optical art, is a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions. Watch this Space for Special Announcements !   Op art works are abstract, with many of the better known pieces made in black and white or sometimes white and black. When the Viewer Looks at theM,……….

the ImPRESSiOn is Given




Hidden…………………. Images

Flashing and Vibrations !











(See Maps Provided )

Op Art 3MTsh

And so comes to an end this particular exploration of Implied Spaces. The maps are all you need for now. Remember,…..

colour has no simple systematized equivalent. Indeed, there may be no way to describe it that is both meaningful and accurate………..the neurological occidentals by which we experience colour make it seem multidimensional, while musical pitch (not timbre, volume, or duration) is experienced as a linear relationship. Source Here

Everything has a Deep Structure waiting to be revealed.

paint lines turn corners

curve up to speak like bells’ chimes –





8 thoughts on “Op Art – Maps to Implied Spaces

  1. You couldn’t help yourself could you Joseph. Now that is the sort of thing I would once have pieced into a quilt, remember I said once 🙂 The build up from the beginnings to the flashing movement is fascinating both technically and visually. Thank you

    1. True. I keep planning on some simple visual posts or presenting something of interest that relates to the Implied Spaces concept. Next thing I know I have generated more images , links and some form of text. A bit of an addiction – I see the blog post as a blank canvas/page that allows for prose, poetry, still images, cinemagraphs, video and other forms in some sort of combination. 😀

      Glad you enjoyed the outcome. I am sometimes unsure whether I am just confusing people with the complexity of media. 😉

      1. Oh sometimes you loose me Joseph, but I then I just enjoy the images 🙂 I do love seeing what you’ll come up with next.

      2. Well, at least you are courageous enough to comment 😀 .
        I am sure there are others out there shaking their heads in bewilderment – sometimes I can include myself in the bunch.

  2. Great experiment and poems…. You are right, everything has a deeper structure, we just have to go beyond the mere shapes I’d say…
    Anyhow I wanted to say that I love these verses on your first poem above here:
    “Fables in Hieroglyphs
    a Language Unknown
    The Map of Whispers”.
    Thanks for sharing! …. I am wishing you a greta week! Aquileana 😀

    1. Many thanks. Glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, there is a deep structure, as you reveal in your posts on mythology – multiple interpretations and layers of meaning. The myth is never just one thing.

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