Postcards from Time Travellers

Postcard - Vaudeville Lady - Voyage Triumph Dreams

For we are all Strangers in a Strange Land

Here Time travellers from the past

Meet those from the future –

We exchange exotic items

In the Bazaar of the Bizarre,

Snapshots of sepia yesterdays –

Selfies of unborn tomorrows.


Postcard - Memory of Trees


2 thoughts on “Postcards from Time Travellers

    1. A blog post and the classroom is where generational time travellers meet. As a teacher I could learn much from my students about how times have changed and see patterns that traced forward in time.
      It is the exchange of postcards of memory, experience and point of view that happens here on the blogs.

      When we old guys attempt to communicate using the new mass media technology we reveal the strands of time going into the past to the young. As we try to decipher the message of the young we perceive the strands of time trailing off into the future.

      It is a Bazaar of the Bizarre. The paradox is not in our stars, but our selves. 😀

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