Implied Space : Old English Paper on Lao Tzu

Old English Paper on Lao Tzu MT

Who can turn the muddy water clear ?

Let it be still,

it will gradually become clear as the restful heavens.

Who can secure the condition of rest?

Let movement go on,

– the condition of rest will gradually arise.

Lao Tzu


So this middle-earth, a bit each day,

droops and decays – dead limbs fall,

Therefore a man cannot call himself wise

before he has carried

his share of years in the world.

A wise man must be patient,

He must never be too impulsive


too hasty of speech,

too weak a warrior

too reckless,

too fearful,

too cheerful,

too greedy for goods,


NOR ever too eager for boasts,

before he sees clearly – silent echoes walking far.

Lines from The Wanderer ~ Anglo-Saxon Poem


Old English Paper on Lao Tzu NPMT

So I read a post – Old english paper on Lao Tzu  on There is always a scenic view.   I started thinking of different interpretations of the title of the post. It could have been an Old English commentary on Lao Tzu ( in some other universe/alternate time line ).  It could be actual Old English manuscript paper on top of an image/text of Lao Tzu . Perhaps it is not quite that old, so perhaps  an old English news-sheet about Lao Tzu, more possible in a time-sense at least or again, more likely, some old news-sheets on top of a Lao Tzu image or text. 

As you can see, out of these Implied Spaces of interpretation/imagination came the above images. There is also a linkage between translated pieces from Lao Tzu and an Old English ( Anglo-Saxon ) poem. Perhaps those two worlds were not that far apart after all.  You just had to let the mud settle to see it all clearly.


3 thoughts on “Implied Space : Old English Paper on Lao Tzu

    1. Each culture is a lens through which we gaze out at the universe & the multiverse beyond. The greater truths & reality are then draped in the colours of the culture’s expectations, ideologies & beliefs. Must look beneath those to find the universal truths.

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