Book Spine Poem: Moonheart

The Dreamer's Dictionary

Moonheart, The Dreamer’s Dictionary:

Ruby Slipper, Golden Tears

( meta-phrasal noun)

the consolation of philosophy

( see: post celebrity meme ).

The UnderPainter

( formal meta-textual name )

phoenix and ashes,

a mythopoeic expression,

transcending expressive-psyche,

creative meme transference

( see : Easy Enameling on Metal ).

Yes, They Can !

( affirmative existential declaration )

the echo of phoenix and ashes

heard when dancing


ruby slipper

golden tears

in Escher’s Ballroom.


Ruby Slippers

A jug of laughter pours upon the Moonheart, revealing the Dreamer’s Dictionary. Across the ballroom, gliding in ruby slippers, Golden Tears waltzes away her fears. The UnderPainter picks up the phoenix brush, dabbing it in his palette of ashes and the music plays on.

The Dreamer's Dictionary  2




2 thoughts on “Book Spine Poem: Moonheart

  1. Thats rockin. I dig that one. Has a real beatnik feel to it, but with a fresher edge. You could use this concept for practically anything, the TV guide, the laundry list. It’s forms a cool little compressed snapshot of the reality of that moment.

    1. Thanks very much.

      Basically it is minimalist found poetry.
      The thing is you start seeing them everywhere you look. – Sort of like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 😀

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