Birch Dreams

Birch Dream1


Birch Dream 2


Birch Dream 3


10 thoughts on “Birch Dreams

    1. More of a desire to create. 🙂
      Also I am fascinated by how new forms of mass media absorb and transform the codes & conventions of the old. How to use the implied space of a blog post & imaging software to create something that would not exist as in printed form.
      Sometimes I succeed. 😀

    1. I create my own. In this case I used a combination of different embossing layers, light metals & soft lines. I then modify those further with colour palettes and textures that I have created from scans & photos of different types of surfaces. I try to come up with something that resembles a blend of a characteristics from paintings, coloured sketches and alternative photo processes.

      Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

      1. I’m glad to know that others create their own processing! These days, anybody and everybody is a “photographer” and an “editor”- they use easy one-click filters and such- which isn’t a crime, but you know, sometimes they aren’t the best. In this case, I’m impressed because you’re doing the effects yourself. That’s pretty uncommon. (I do too. Most of my images have no less than 10 layers.) Well once again, great job! It really does look like a combined watercolour fresco.

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