When Ice Dreams

When the Ice Dreams


When the Ice Dreams 1d


When the Ice Dreams KG


When Ice Dreams

It dreams of fractures and fluid flow;

It dreams of galaxies and quasars

expanding – exploding – collapsing

in a song of a babbling stream

of electrons and quantum particles

that spiral out-inward to Time’s

looping space of finite Eternity,

where the night sky sinks

into the warm embrace

of a sleeping turbulent Earth

preparing for Spring.



When the Ice Dreams 1td

When the Ice Dreams 3d


When the Ice Dreams 2d


12 thoughts on “When Ice Dreams

    1. Thanks very much.:)

      Since all the images are variations on the the combination of two images and you identify with one specific image, then all the images are variations on your inner identification. And this reveals – as you explode with passionate creativity of a quantum quasar, you are transitioning between the infinite night sky and the warm embrace of the arrival of a metaphorical spring.

      Or it just means you like the images. 😀

  1. Hello Elmediat,

    I think that it is interesting how some of the images look almost like images of the surface of another planet and/or Earth taken from a distance in the sky or space, to me at least, when I look at some of the images; thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. Most welcome & thanks for taking the time to drop by & comment. It is much appreciated. The macro and the micro views of the world around us can seem eerily similar at times. make one wonder who is looking at us through some kind of quantum microscope. 🙂

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