This Way Please – Showroom Ready Icons

This Way Please

In this post I am exploring the nature of the celebrity icon as constructed reality and brand. At what point does the celebrity become a brand icon in the public’s mind ? There is a shift in public perception to where the actors take on a hyper-reality that embody not just them, but the personas that they become for their roles.  This hyper-reality moves the living  person into a status comparable with a cartoon icon like Mickey, Minnie & Pluto. Like the cartoon characters, the actors become more than real – at the same time they are flesh & blood avatars of idealized values – beliefs & ideologies incarnate.



This Way Please Face 3


This Way Please RW

The presented images were a combination photos and scans of magazine & catalogue  pages/covers, calendar pages and some doodle notes from my daughter. I also incorporated some of my junk mail abstracts in some of the pieces.  The creative process was a combination of rough hand-made collage, set pieces and digitally manipulated components. I tagged this post as collage & digital collage.

Please click the images to see larger versions.  Any your comments/observations on the topic or process will be of great interest.


This Way Please Face 4


This Way Please 2


12 thoughts on “This Way Please – Showroom Ready Icons

  1. These are such fun, very decorative, and carry a recogniseable message relevant today. If i had a big modern flat i would house any of these. I especially like Simple DIY Solutions… Great stuff.

    1. It was a funny process. I started experimenting with the overlapping magazine pieces & the calendar and as I “randomly” selected different pages the thematic idea built. The front of my mind was thinking technique while the back half was thinking message. Just more implied space between the ears. 😀

    1. Thanks very much Derrick. Hope the hand is doing well . 🙂
      Some of the depth in the images comes from the rough form collage sets. Nothing was glued down and shadows & edges became enhances as I processed the pieces .

  2. I’m guessing you would be a fan of Umberto Eco, he has written a number of brilliant essays and a book on Hyper reality. Sorry, I couldn’t see the picture my internet connection is playing up. Hope you are having a cool weekend. Warmest regards.

    1. Actually an old retired guy with too much time and an odd assortment of interests. 😀

      I have some knowledge of Eco’s work but have not delved that deeply.

      BTW Knowing of your interest in Shamanism and alternative cultural viewpoints, I thought these posts on my other blogs may be of interest to you.

      1. I think your work is amazing and you should be selling it in galleries and making money from it. Thank you kindly for the links. Looking forward to checking them out. Warmest regards!

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