Roots of Fear & Loathing

The roots of Fear & Loathing


The roots of Fear & Loathing 2

Our cultural identities are conflicted –

suspended between personal computers,

interfacing operating systems 

that come in all sizes & shapes

that are attached/inserted into our bodies –


Virtual Personalities



Is it any wonder we grow gardens and manage farms online in personal computer allotments ?

We long for the Organic Ever-Green Dream.


Repelled by the Messy Muck of Reality.

Its Metamorphosis between decay & growth

Gets under the skin of our psyche –

Rooting away at our Uncertainties.

Reminding us of our Inevitabilities.

Repulsing us with the metaphorical Zombie Apocalypse 

That grows up  out of the operating system  beneath our feet.


The roots of Fear & Loathing 3

The roots of Fear & Loathing BLK2

The roots of Fear & Loathing BLK


22 thoughts on “Roots of Fear & Loathing

      1. We had mixed success with tomatoes, potatoes, and beans. Sounds like a 60s folk-rock group. 😀

    1. Its what keeps me sane – computer time. 😀

      This started as an exercise in capturing natural organic transformation – my wife thought the objects in question would make interesting subjects for a photograph. The post became a meditation on how so many are living in a urban technological culture/environment that we turn aspects of the natural world into an idealized reality that is either Utopian or Dystopian. At the same time there is anxiety over being consumed by our technology while we eagerly embed it into every aspect of our lives. The Borg versus The Walking Dead are flip sides of the same bit coin. 😀

      1. Interesting thoughts particularly about our attitude to nature. It is a strange world we live now.

      1. Well went the grocery store with my wife yesterday. It made me nervous – a pile of grainy guys just loafing about, another bunch in yellow were trying to start a slip up and you felt like you were being stalked by the celery.

        We just got back from a walk by the lake – open water is appearing. New posts to come. 🙂

    1. Remove the familiar context and the organic growth becomes alien , invasive, and sinister – dwelling in an implied space of anxiety & dread.

      My wife made potato pancakes the other day and left a couple of the potatoes because they looked interesting. 🙂

  1. I dig the way you think. I once made a comment to my friends who played this online farm game on Facebook. Why do you do this when you could get out there and put your hands in the earth and interact with real live animals. All the sickness and emotional problems would disappear in no time. And it drew zero response. Does not compute. That made me sad. Made me realize the extent to which many of us have cut ourselves off from nature and built this simulated substitute cocoon. A famous American philosopher and ethno botanist Terrance Makenna summed this up when he likened our modern industrial culture to a computer operating system filled with bugs. Thankfully there are a number of things we can do to wipe the hard-drive and run a new system.

    1. Thanks very much. The story of your friend & your observations work perfectly with is post. 🙂

      This technological organic split demonstrates both social trends and political/industrial motivated trends in science & research. We seem to be headed to a truly science fiction scenario – the Japanese fascination with creating more life-like & responsive robot mannequins to greet you at the store and China’s admission to genetic embryo manipulation. How far away are we from the Star Trek style Borg, Terminator Robots and genetically modified humans fighting over the resources of the planet ?

      1. Yes, it’s a real concern. Double edged sword. One of the theories about why extra terrestrial beings abduct humans and take biological samples is that these beings are trying to use our DNA to revive their own because they have genetically manipulated themselves into an evolutionary dead end and can’t reproduce any more.

    1. Thanks. It is nice to know that we can turn the everyday into the creepy. It brings us closer to Hitchcock. 😀

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