Electified 1


Electified 2


Can you feel the hum in the wires ? There is power there to move memories and culture – transform reality into something that only existed in the imagination.  It turns reality into memory & history – capturing moments in time and suspending them in electron amber that glows on a screen and echoes through a speaker. Even the cows on the farm feel it.



Electified 3


Watch a piece of cinematic social engineering disguised as rural teen diary by a dairy farm-boy as he experiences electrifying feelings for the modern farm girl down the road. Observe the battle of the sexes as the chickens take home the blue ribbon .  Watch carefully and you will see the screen captures that were used to create the final two images in this series.




Electified 4


9 thoughts on “Electrified

    1. This started with the shots of outside electrical for plugging in car in the cold weather – thankfully haven’t had to use in a very long while. Now they await the coming of the electric mower when the grass starts growing. 🙂

  1. I really love these Joseph they do speak electric,great interpretation,especially that YouTube video,this series is great,comics,vintage,the whole thing works
    I have a great appreciation for the antiques, I have been a collector for years

    1. Many thanks Sheldon. 🙂

      Implied Spaces are full of quirky corners that connect the past, the present, the future and the maybes of the multiverse. 😀

  2. Those are classics some of those old social engineering films. So cheesy by today’s standards but an an amazing insight into the culture of that time. There’s a ton of fifties and sixties tobacco advertising on you tube which I highly recommend. It was pretty in your face back then, political correctness has forced advertisers to be so much more devious and subliminal now days.

    1. The mass media of the past opens the eyes to the present. I used the older pieces to assist my Media Literacy students in recognizing the constructed reality and the conveyed values, beliefs & ideologies. Once they spotted them there it became a little easier to see intended & unintended messages within mass media that they regularly consumed & accepted.

      1. An important wake up call. Hopefully it will lead these guys onto a much deeper interrogation of their realities and the way they are affected by media manipulation.

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