Pages from The Lake Book

Lake Book pg1



Lake Book pg3


Lake Book pg4


Lake Book pg5


5 thoughts on “Pages from The Lake Book

  1. These are lovely. I thought the first one was great then I scrolled through to the collaged pages -wow. I really like these. They really speak to me. I’d love to know what app you used but understand if you don’t want to give away your secrets.

    1. My budget restricted me to PaintShop Pro ( part of Corel, which at least originally was Canadian initially ) and I became very comfortable with it.. Color Efex came bundled with PaintShop .

      I also have a number of free plug-ins that I use in combination with the imaging software. The ones I use the most are RedField – freeware ( , Virtual Photographer ( , Cybia ( ) and Flaming Pear ( not much freeware available).

      My method/madness includes taking photos and scans of old paper, various textures and old book covers & pages. I blend these together to create new textures and then use them as background layers, borders, and frames. This process turned into what I called textured text. I created a tag so you can find all related posts with the Reader.

      Combining different photos with these in layers allows me to modify opacity and blend methods. If I alter the photo layers with different plug-ins I get a variety of effects. There are a series of techniques all based on layer modification combined with the plug-ins, no single one step method. 🙂

      1. I thought after I commented that you were probably using a digital imaging program. I had Corel Paint on my last computer (the one that died recently). My son lost the disc! I’m trying to decide whether to buy Corel Paint or Photoshop Elements for my new computer. I think you might have just tossed the coin in favour of Corel.
        I recently bought a tablet and have been experimenting with apps They are fun but arbitrary – really just clever filters.
        Thanks for sharing your process with me – it’s very inspiring to talk to someone who works so intensively with old style digital imaging. It makes me want to get back into it again.

      2. One of the advantages of PaintShop Pro was that you could have comparable results and range with Photo Shop Elements without the cost. Add in plug-ins and the range of results is excellent in my opinion. I need to upgrade to the newest version because the older ones are a bit slow in processing at times. 🙂

      3. ah – I did find my version of Paint Shop was slow and temperamental. I’ll do some price checking and make a decision sometime in the next week or so. These free apps are fun but frustrating – I can’t find one that lets me work in Layers or superimpose one image onto of another.

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