Waiting for The Machine

Waiting for the Machine 1


Waiting for the Machine 2


Waiting for the Machine 3


21th Century Machine photo


7 thoughts on “Waiting for The Machine

    1. Many thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂 This blog is all about meaning and communication and how new forms of expression and ideas spring up in the implied spaces of mass media, culture, technology & art.

      The first three are “found photos” of a sort. I was going through my folders of images and ran across one containing shots taken a few years ago documenting an on going school project. Not sure who all the photographers were and there were quite a few disasters/experiments/goofing around shots.

      I decided to take some of the more ambiguous ones and play with the tonal qualities and stress them further.

      The last shot was of a close-up of an old fur machine ( like a sewing machine) I had taken some time ago. I used a processing layer from that image to create the transitional – transformation image that proceeds it.

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