No Dog is An Island

No Dog is An Island

No dog (i)s an island

so they say – see the trees’ bark –

shoreline in mauve mist


a bird in the hand

flies away quickly – waves lap

lazily lake’s lips


toss the stick – tree’s gift

flies fast tasting freedom – splash –

fetching paws’ wet joy.


island misty mauve


6 thoughts on “No Dog is An Island

    1. Thanks very much. What tried to do with the images was create the flow of the moment. The text was an attempt to bridge the the two images by conveying the flow of action & sensation.

      1. I have seen a few combine different media, but not too often do they go crazy and try to blend so many in one post. 😀

        I try to approach some of the posts as a new medium, an implied space for creative form & expression. A blog does not have to be strictly linear, there are hyper-links. It can incorporate images, audio, video and animated gifs/cinemagraphs. Text can be prose, poetry or a blend. Combine any of these elements and you have created new media.

        What is most important to me is that , if done in a certain balance, you create something that can only be appreciated as digital text on the screen. Print it up and there would be a loss of content & meaning.

        When I was still teaching it would drive me nuts when other teachers would assign slide-shows as part of a student assignment and then require the students to include a hard-copy printout. besides wasting paper and ink in the school library it defeated the purpose of evaluating a slide-show. The students would do it because it was required, but they knew it really did not make any sense.

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