Alternative Reality: The Spam Directive

Spam Directive 1

You can do it in secret


you can get her father’s permission

(sometimes brother – never a sister).


  Spam Directive 2

The North American and European versions were released in spring 2011.


science not sex1

the sea, all seas dash

against the walls – ignorance

a moon charmed tide churns.


science not sex 2

Not all unit types are allowed to enter buildings;

females are forbid-Den to enter the buildings –

You need Spam Certification:

2 make X 3 hemispheres


not ( One of Us )


Xenomorphic Transfusions


Now Available !!!

Adding up what to do with protesting …….

missing math class ?


Spam Directive 3

Please maintain confusion by avoiding this document link .

All official complaints should be directed to the SPAM Centre. Make sure to shout loudly when being ignorant of the facts.



A Social Media


Controversy !

Choose Your Belief System NOW !

– in fact / outside reality –

Available for a Limited Time !

Only certain kinds of infantry




Spam-centric ideology.

sex ed curriculum: 5 things to know

It’s a Boom Bomb !


Spam Directive 4

There’s a new sheriff in town……


the empty street filled,

an angry mob gathered –

rumour holds the rope.



Expression of creative thought



Forbidden / Foreknowledge.




Mass Media.


Explanatory Note: I was cleaning out the spam comments directed to the blog. You know the type, they make no sense and have nothing to do with the content of the specific post or the blog in general. They are either trying to get you to visit their site in order to purchase something from another part of the globe in another language or they are out to gain access to personal information. I took the moment to read one and it was strange, most of opening lines to this post originated with that comment. I actually added only a few bits. The comment’s theme(?) had something to do with masculine privilege, doing something that you could get permission for, and building units somehow related to military use.

It seemed to be a message from some sort of alternative reality. It got me thinking, well what if it was, then what kind of society are we talking about ?

As I stewed over this and started to construct a fragmented narrative of government notices and advertisements, something happened here in Ontario (Canada). The provincial government announced that they were updating the Elementary( Grd. 1-8 ) Curriculum for Health and Physical Education. This included the sex education components. Well, before you knew it, a Social Media Storm of fear & outrage erupted. Words like indoctrination, perversion, parental rights, authoritarian dictates were being thrown around and all sorts of rants about what was going to be taught, as opposed to what was in the actual document. Chanting protests with colourful signs were held and there was an act of civil disobedience – some parents kept the children out of school ( May 4 – 8 ). Keep in mind the changes do not take effect till September and parents can have their child removed from the portion of the class time devoted to this area of study.

So as I went about creating my alternative reality’s social message, it seemed to me that some of that reality had creeped into my home province. Could it be that the spam got into the Social Media chain messaging about Sex-ED ? So this post became that speculation. Note the hyper-links will take you news and provincial government sources,….. if you have any Sex-Ed questions you need answered.




4 thoughts on “Alternative Reality: The Spam Directive

    1. Most welcome. I knew this one would really not seem too coherent without some background context. If I had just been building on the spam comment, it might of been more straight forward. That comment was so odd and a bit creepy with its mix of gender status and vague military/security context, it really felt like some kind of coded message or partially intercepted message. 🙂

      Some of the things the education system has to deal with now in terms of conflicting cultural & societal needs is both heartbreaking & absurd.

    1. Thanks. That one is fascinating. I may try and re-purpose it into something,……. what a piece of stream of consciousness spam. 😀

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