Flash Dance – Week Event: Get Your Face On

Flash Dance - Week Event

Flash Dance - Week Event 2



Flash Dance - Week Event 3


7 thoughts on “Flash Dance – Week Event: Get Your Face On

    1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the pieces. 🙂

      I keep toying with the idea of doing prints, but I probably working on a resolution that is too low for most professional printers. At their largest print size they would be about 85 -90 inches in length. Our home printer can handle about 17 x 12 inches length.

    1. It varies. I have created multiple textured layers that I can use and recombine. With these new attempts at incorporating real rough hand collage elements, I have kept the real pieces very simple. They are like loose jigsaw pieces that I overlap in different ways – then I take photos of them. I have a couple of digital processing techniques that I figured out that I consistently use – builds a rhythm of sorts. It then depends on how cranky the software is :D.

      I will spend a couple of hours in the first run through. Come back later and start tweaking/modifying/adding. Never know how long that will be. Work at it till I am (mostly) satisfied with the result. 🙂

      1. I like your mix of symbolism and quirky comic elements. As my son puts it, comics and superhero genre are contemporary folklore & mythology. 🙂

        I recently came across Mia Bridges – illustrator, artist & tribal dancer from Vancouver, Canada. You will find her work of interest.


        I found her by way of Ashley’s strata of the self

        Make sure to also checkout Ashley’s main blog http://syncopatedeyeball.wordpress.com/ .

        All the best.

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