Abstract Spaces: Pink Query

abstract spaces 1


abstract spaces 2


abstract spaces 3


abstract spaces 4


7 thoughts on “Abstract Spaces: Pink Query

    1. Thanks very much. The sequence began by accident. The base image was actually a layer I had created to emulate a damaged aged photo. While using the layer in the two last images in the Rock Grove post, I really modified the colour & saturation.

      After finishing with the post I went back and started playing with the saturated image, first adjusting the colours further to see where the pink & peach would go – hence pink query. Then I started adding box/rectangular components and textural effects, which created a sense of dynamic transformation.

      To me the series became a restating of the query and that is why I tagged it under communication theory. 🙂 Plus playing around with this can be repetitive but soothing – meditation with a mild headache . 😀

    1. Many thanks Ashley. The palette has a soft tropical/warm climate vibe. The interesting thing is if you compare the pattern to the frame-mat in the recent self-portrait, you will see that they are the same source elements. 🙂

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