Reflecting on The Bridge of Time


Reflecting on The Bridge of Time 1 Glass



Reflecting on The Bridge of Time gh


I know you well Time,

giving  gifts with the right hand –

 while left picks pockets. 



Memory can be a broken glass, a misty old photo – or ripples in the stream that connects yesterday to tomorrow. We stand on the bridge of today, watching moments drift down stream, …. or perhaps they are clinging to the banks as ripples grow new ones.  We build up analogies and metaphors tied together with similes and equations trying to make sense of it, but time slips & splashes between the fingers , a heavy drizzle that clings to us, weighing us down. 

Music can transcend the moment or freeze it in a melodious amber. The lyrics form the sharp edges that sparkle against the lustre of rhythm and note.  A recent song can be transformed into another era with the right orchestration – linking generations and revealing the commonality of the heart’s yearning, wherever they stand on the bridge of time……….. just as a soulful voice can transcend the barrier of language to remind us that the longitude & latitude of  our humanity is the same.




18 thoughts on “Reflecting on The Bridge of Time

    1. Thanks very much Derrick. 🙂

      The first piece of music is by Postmodern Jukebox. They specialize in taking contemporary songs/ recent covers and performing them in musical styles from other eras. Some work really well, others not so much. What is interesting is that it can highlight the failure/limitations of contemporary lyrics while revealing the musicality of the melody. A few pieces have the reverse situation, but it seems that current musical styles tend to drown out lyrics, so there is emphasis on repeatable chorus. Stands out when you do the song as a 1920s or 30s jazz number. 😀

    1. Most welcome. For me, the concept of Implied Spaces includes finding connections that may not be obvious at first glance. Out of these connections new things grow. 🙂

  1. Really enjoyed this post. The images are most intriguing. That impression of a journey, moving across the image space, particularly with juxtaposition of the second image is a little stroke of genius. Also liked the music which is just different. Thanks for the explanation in your previous reply.

    1. Thanks so much. I was trying to get a nice tranquil shot of the bridge & reflection, which eventually shot. The person on the bridge was moving from one side to the other looking at the stream. Kept moving in & out of frame so that I inadvertently caught some action shots. 😀

  2. Wow.. Loved the haiku, and the presentation is top class!!
    glad I came across this site, I really like discovering new musicians, well new for me, and the postmodern jukebox did it for me! 😀

    1. Most welcome. Glad you enjoyed the post and its multimedia connections. 🙂
      The reason I chose the Spanish song was because it deals with the memory of past love – it can be interpreted as an older person looking back on life or after the death of lifetime love-companion.
      The pieces of music bridge the points in a lifetime – youth & old age.
      Thanks for dropping by & commenting.

      1. I first become fascinated by the piece in an instrumental form. I found this vocal, which in my opinion is the best. I had to go looking for translations – there was an English version that was poorly performed/recorded that lacked the emotional depth of the voice & music.

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