Wing the Seam – Priced to Smile

Wing the Seam  GHe1

Wing the Seam !

Love Your Truck,

it is

Downright War 

Priced to Smile.

Priced to Smile

I can not sleep





Caye of Morpheus

sits in tranquil waters deep.

Moss & Leaf

turn over in slow currents

of the Mind.



8 thoughts on “Wing the Seam – Priced to Smile

    1. Good memory. Yes, I’ve been going back to some of my earlier work on Dark Pines Photo and adjusting pieces or incorporating them into new compositions. The first two make use of images that were created using a photo of a person blowing up a balloon.

      I was at an out of town appointment Thursday about the sleep apnea treatment. I am now trying mask # 6. Will see what happens to mood & energy levels, as well as the dreams & sleep schedule. 🙂

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