Aged Tapestry – Random List

Tapestry Aged 1

Some people leave lists , hanging like aged tapestries of their past behind.

Tomorrow’s promises waiting to be remembered.

They try to order their days – regiment their dreams –  troop out their minutes – give their goals marching orders. 

Seconds flutter into second thoughts – random words settle over the haze of business .

They miss the real beauty gazing at them from the borders of languid dreams,

where magic waits beyond the fields we know.


Tapestry Aged - List 1


Tapestry Aged - List 2

Tapestry Aged - List 3


Tapestry Aged - List 4


Tapestry Aged - List 5



If you click to enlarge the images you may spot the Real Beauty gazing from the borders. 

“Beyond the fields we know” is an allusion to the works of Lord Dunsany.


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