They say Chivalry Is Dead

They say Chivalry Is Dead 1AG
They say Chivalry Is Dead – click to see large version


They say Chivalry Is Dead

as Pépé le Moko,

but I say

ain’t so……

cause you see

that can’t be true

…..if you know the door to go through,

but – but – but – but today this is true

cause Chivalry, it ain’t dead when the taps and the foot comes thru……

shadows on tiles

baby laughs & smiles

one two, one two……


Hey you want to dance ?

How about it ?


Give it a chance …….. 3, 4, shut that door,

and spin the swing to the swirl of  laughing in the Moonlight of The Smoothie Café 7 Chill Grill…..

Meet me at that Casbah,

see Daffy Duck do his thing –


Hear those angels swing –

Watch a sarong over the-the-the leg

with a beach towel dreamer

on the Summer Beach of Memories,……

That Silver Screen Hair

once knew brand new steps

– just Yesterday’s Fad now.

Eye over the Horizon

lifts up that Orange Tree Scene


a New Level



Old Age

Rockers in  chairs.

How’s that Choir Now ?



Young Folks got manners,

just different steps,

Chivalry ain’t dead yet.


Note: So once again a mix of things came together. Thanks to Silver Screenings  for their post Hedy Lamarr Goes to the Casbah, I couldn’t have done it without you. When working through the first running/racing/rapid draft of this piece I listened to the “Baked Bean Blues” – tapped by Sarah Reich and accompanied by Danny Janklow on the Saxophone. Rhythm, staccato, dance, old movies and chivalry all mixed with animated whimsy.  Hope you enjoyed this multimedia dance of words, images and music.


They say the Movie Musical is Dead,……. the young  have just reinvented it for a new medium.  Let’s get up and dance !

10 thoughts on “They say Chivalry Is Dead

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. We are exposed to so many negative/narrow interpretations of contemporary culture and the young that it can distort the view & understanding of those you arise from a different generation than our own. 🙂

      1. elmediat

        Just finished watching the Tony Awards. 11-year-old Sydney Lucas’s performance of “Ring of Keys” from Fun Home was remarkable. A young girl sees a adult gay women for the first time and has a moment of self recognition & affirmation. She didn’t win the Tony for which she was nominated – there will be opportunities in the future.

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